Do people know there is a Southern Hemisphere?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Of course they do

    I live in the Southern Hemisphere, so everyone I know knows what it is. I live in Australia and yes, we are having a very hot summer, and it is significantly hotter in a lot of places than it has been ever before. But not in the whole continent. Its a big continent.

  • Clearly they don't

    Reports show that in the wake of this cold weather many people have started to believe global warming is a myth.

    These people clearly have never heard of the southern hemisphere!

    Temperatures are very very high particularly in Australia. Australia has been having a blistering summer.

    Furthermore climate change models predict more extremes in weather from overall warming they don't predict year round consistent uniformal warming. We can expect hotter summers and colder winters.

    There are very very few scientists who deny global warming. The only 'reasonable' way to disbelieve in global warming is if you honestly think the rest of the scientists are part of a giant conspiracy.

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