• Tablet teaching is engaging

    Pencils and papers and overhead projectors are old school. Out with the old and in with the new, people are excited about tablet teaching, as it enables a more unique learning experience. Students have a little more freedom to peruse their books, lectures and activities at their own pace. Note taking is no longer necessary, as notes can be made in books via the tablet. People like tablet teaching.

  • People do like tablet teaching

    It's pretty obvious that tablet teaching is a good thing to do in order to educate our minds. It is not different from using a computer and allows access in any classroom. Today, we already see classes making use of electronics to do classroom work and keep track of students progress on a more detailed level.

  • Teachers need a position

    Personally, as a person who desires to become a teacher, really desire to be able to have one on one teaching with children. I already help out some kids, and I tend to realize that most of the kids who do their work on the electronics provided by the school tend to end up with lower grades. Also, tracking the people who do something stupid on them is too complicated. People can "jail-break" their tablet and end up on Facebook or some other website they shouldn't be during class. You cannot simply expect kids to do what they should. Also, teachers are more important than a tablet. Look at the people who have managed to escalate the highest have been the ones who are taught by a teacher, not a tablet.

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