Do people lose touch of their morals in groups?

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  • It depends a lot but most of the time people will fall into the wrong.

    People have a tendency to mimic what other people that also belong to a group do, Even if it's bad. It's like a crowd effect, It makes you think that you will not fit into a group - what we all crave. Furthermore, Being a part of a group creates a feeling that everyone acts like one and their self is anonymous

  • Forgetting Morals is Common in Groups.

    Being a part of a group creates a feeling that everyone acts like one and their self is anonymous; however, Some people use this feeling to harm others, Since they believe the group is responsible for their actions. Rebecca Saxe composed a hypothesis relating to group harassment. She proposed that people “lose touch” with their morals while in groups and act on those emotions. Rebecca Saxe, Mina Cikara, Anna Jenkins, And Nicholas Dufour experimented to see if this hypothesis could be accepted.
    These researchers focused on the part of the brain called the medial prefrontal cortex, Which lights up on an fMRI scan when someone thinks about him or herself. After studying the participant's behavior before the experiment, The research began. Participants answered questions on their own, Then as a team. Most medial prefrontal cortex lit up most when thinking as an individual. Although, Some people showed little differences when thinking on their own verses in groups. These individuals confirmed Saxe’s hypothesis that people lose touch with their morals in groups as credible.

  • Yes, This is very dangerous.

    I myself have been in this situation and experienced others suffer worse fates. When I moved to a new town about 10 years ago I was still in 4th grade and it was hard to make friends. Some really nice kid who was kind of awkward with other people like I was. Then he became friends with the=is super annoying kid. The super annoying kid was friends with a shady crowd. They stayed friends and by 7th grade, My 4th-grade friend had been known by the entire school as the "School CrackHead"
    He later died of a drug overdose.

    Posted by: wf
  • People often fall into the wrong when in groups.

    I say yes because of the fact that in a group if you see one person do something then you might too simply since they did it too. You would think it's okay to have that behavior so you would do it. And if caught doing bad things then it might not be as bad for you, Others in the group would also have to deal with consequences rather than you alone. While this isn't always what happens in a group it still can happen. Pick your groups and friends wisely.

  • IDk but sure

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  • Not at all.

    Morals are what you feel is acceptable to do. Look at how some people loot stores during riots. Those who believe theft is wrong (immoral) won't loot but those who only feel that getting caught is wrong are more likely to. Tho morals are group dependent, Just being around a group does not affect what you feel is acceptable.

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