• Yes, people follow celebrity

    I think that it would be hard to argue that people as a whole will tend to follow the endorsements of celebrities that they are fond of, even if the person giving that endorsement has no expertise or credibility within the field in question. People will follow celebrity more than expertise.

  • Yes, some do.

    Yes, this is true. Most of the people make voting decisions based on celebrity endorsement. But this is wrong. We just have to choose a leader basing on his/her capabilities rather than the celebrity endorsement. This endorsement is usually hyped up by the media and its activities. Therefore we should stop this habit.

  • Yes, I think that people make decisions bases on celebrity endorsements.

    Many people watch and know more about celebrities than their own family. When you watch someone on TV or see what they are talking about on social media everyday, you feel like you get to know someone. When you get to know someone, you will feel like you can trust that person. When you trust that person, you will usually take their advice when it comes to a decision.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    I think these kinds of endorsements are generally flimsy and don’t mean anything, but they appeal to the average person. If celebrity endorsements were really meaningful, Jeb Bush would still be in the Republican race and Hillary Clinton would have already wrapped up the Democratic nomination. Just a few voters make voting decisions based on celebrity endorsements.

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