Do people need an account on every social networking site to stay updated?

Asked by: alphafailed
  • At least the popular ones...Though not necessarily all of them.

    Now of course, I'm not going to take the question to litterally; it would be very diffiuclt to have an active account on every social media site available, coming from a high school student who barley has time to prepare a meal for myself, nevermind waste time on social networking sites all day. However, I would have to say, that having an account on at least the trendy social media sites is a main source of connection between people, at least people my age. I'm a prime example of someone who is often in the dark about many things that go on between my social groups at school, because I don't maintain an active social network. I'm no allowed to keep a cell phone, therefore I don't bother having an Instagram, Vine, or Tumblr. However, I do have accounts on a couple major sites which I log onto at home. Despite having a few accounts, there's things I often don't know about, like who broke up with who, the end of year party which I did not know about since it was posted online, birthday parties, shopping trips, ect. I usually only find out about these things until it's old news, as people don't have much need to talk about things in person they talked about online. And if you aren't connected, then you are just out of the picture. I wish there was a more "efficient" way to stay connected, but sadly, in this day and age, it doesn't get much better than that.

  • There's Too Many!

    I just recently got Twitter the other day, and I've had Facebook since the beginning of the year. After a little while, I've noticed there isn't a real big difference between the two other than some limits in one where the other does not have limits. But really, do we need an account for every social network? (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.) There are so many, that I don't see a reason why we would. I personally spend about five minutes checking email, facebook, twitter, and that's it, but some friends of mine spend more than 15 minutes just scrolling through all their feeds and such. I don't know, there's got to be a more efficient way of keeping connected.

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