Do people need protection from violent films, lyrics and video games?

  • Are you people INSANE.

    Kids do not want to be scared for life. What about "Walking Dead" It scares me and it takes a lot to scare me. Violent video games make it seem like it is okay to shoot people. Little kids should not have to be afraid of their own shadow. Older kids will also be that way.

  • No, people do not need protection from violent films, lyrics and videogames.

    Children may need sheltering from these things until their minds are ready to differentiate between reality and make believe (reality being much, much worse than what is depicted in movies and videogames), but that is not the prerogative of the media (their sole reason for being is to make money by providing an outlet for entertainment, nothing more) or the government. It is, however, the responsibility of the parents to make every effort to not only keep their children from viewing these things, but to be able to explain, in a mature way, why these things are bad to their children.

  • If they have any brain in their head, no they don't.

    I hate the whole censorship fad that's going on currently. A video game is simply a game, it doesn't mean that it has to warp someone's mind. But I believe that parents get really high strung and it is for no reason. If a child or a person has a good head on their shoulders, these games won't influence them.

  • People should be educated, not protected.

    People do not need "protection" from violent films, lyrics and video games. Violence is an ingrained part of our society, and violent films, lyrics and video games are simply a reflection of that society. What would be useful in lowering the rates of violence that these things may cause is educating people about the way that films, lyrics and games may affect out perceptions, and engage in discourse rather than ignoring the problem.

  • It is all about freedom.

    When we give the state so much power that it is able to determine what is appropriate for us, as citizens, to enjoy, we begin moving down the path of tyranny. People have the ability to regulate themselves, without the role of government, what should be acceptable in society and what is not. If there is a movie or song society does not approve of for its violence content, we can simply not purchase it. The reason why these vices exist is because it fulfills a desire that people have. Government and the state does not have the power to properly regulate what we can and cannot engage and enjoy in; that is the responsibility of the people.

  • There are warnings for a reason.

    Violent films, lyrics and video games all carry warnings with them that they are for mature audiences only. This type of violent entertainment is enjoyed by some people and that is perfectly fine. That being said, it should be kept away from children and people under the age of 18. These movies and lyrics are perfectly acceptable for adults.

  • It's their choice not other peoples. They can find out the consequences of their actions themselves.

    I believe that violence in entertainment and media does not affect as many people as others think. If there are people who want to play or watch violent video games or TV shows and movies, that they can do so if they want. They can choose whether or not its good.

  • It's their choice not other peoples. They can find out the consequences of their actions themselves.

    I believe that violence in entertainment and media does not affect as many people as others think. If there are people who want to play or watch violent video games or TV shows and movies, that they can do so if they want. They can choose whether or not its good.

  • No a person would be able to understand the consequences of the actions meaning even a small child would be able to easily avoid it.

    In this speech I will address the problems that protection of the said issue will cause and demonstrate that this is an inappropriate and unnecessary measure which would be virtually impossible to carry out. Some say that young people in particular should be protected from seeing violence and aggression to prevent them growing up into violent or aggressive adults. However the evidence that such exposure changes a person’s personality in the long run is simply not there.
    Furthermore many sports are equally aggressive, with many demanding full out aggression on the opposition despite real evidence of physical harm in some cases. There is no clear difference between the violence that can be found in these two genres and yet protection is still encouraged in one of them. It is clearly not logical to protect people from these forms of media. Violent video games in particular have come in for severe criticism despite their ever growing popularity. One of the arguments against excessive video game playing is that it encourages social isolation and poor communication skills. However this stereo typical view is not true with modern video games as they encourage social play with multiple players who compete against each other in the same room or online.

    Furthermore studies have shown many positive benefits from playing such games. Playing video games such as Call of Duty enhanced a player’s mental rotational ability, improved reaction times and spatial awareness to the same extent that an academic course would. In addition they have been shown to improve reasoning, memory, attention to detail, creativity and perception. This impact that playing violent videogames has on a person include skills that are vital for STEM careers alongside other industries due to the enhancement of team skills. This doesn’t demonstrate this issue as something we need protecting from and playing video games has also been shown to release stress and anger which could otherwise have an effect on the person.
    Rap and hip hop music genres are criticised for their violent lyrics but this is un-needed criticism as this music gave an outlet to poor underrepresented black teenagers living in the New York in the late 1970s. This is now a highly successful field that in 2000 grossed over $1.8 billion in sales in the United States. It is has given a voice, created wealth and given a purpose to a marginalised section of society. It is clear it would be very difficult to set criteria for a ban in this instance which would be fair to all sections of society. Indeed it might increase the attractiveness of the game, film or music. Even if there was a ban made on recording, selling or playing songs with violent or unsavoury lyrics, with current technological advances it would be very difficult to enforce a total ban making a partial ban pointless.

  • I Don't Want Protection

    As an adult citizen of the United States I do not want protection from violent films, lyrics, or video games. If I find something too violent for my own standards, I turn it off or don't purchase it. The people that make these films, songs, and games are artists. They have the right to create whatever they want and I have the right to purchase what I want. In the end, it all equals out.

  • It's better to know than to hide in the shadow of doubt

    By generally getting rid of the violence in people's lives, you create an almost Utopian world where, if censored, people will react in the most unruly matter when faced with it.
    And yes, violence is all around us like the air...If the news just all of a sudden stopped talkng about the war on the news, society begins to accept the idealistic view that "non-violence helps us become better people, and if we keep our children ignorant to this, they will be safe" -which in my opinion denies people of the harsh reality that is the world, such as abuse.
    Plus, if a person copies what another person/character does in a violent film/game etc then they need therapy, even a sane person can restrict their level violence.

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