Do people need school and should only get 4 or 3 days of school?

  • School is fliping boring

    How long do u need to be in school you can stay home and learn so u don't need to go outside and when its cold sometime the DOE wants us to go to school and that can make us sick. WE should have 3 or 4 days of school

  • I Hate school sometimes

    It is very stress full and sometimes you just need a break FOREVER If you think about it every time you turn around you here about school when you get home it is all like do your homework do you have all A's and B's a C isn't good enough try harder

  • I hate school

    No one needs school for 5 days bro like really its stupid and i always get tierd and i want to play! Goshhhh like no more school for this long like ugghhh h h h h h h hh h hh hhhhh hh h h hh h h h h h

  • There are systmes without school

    There are some community systems i have visited where school doesnt really exist and contray to what you may imagine, Many of the children there do know at least the basics. Obviously everyone needs an education but i do query wether schos really are the best places for them. I think a better system would be to teach the basics and an "introductionary" curriculum, After which students get to choose wehter to stay and learn for whatever they want to do, Or opt for an alternative such as training or a job. As to wether they school week should change, I don't know. . . A more flexible system (similar to colleges) would be better.

  • We should learn more than forget

    Look school is not my favorite thing and I would so much rather be at home but kids need to go to school and get education if they want a job or basically to go anywhere in life. I wish the weekend would be longer too but it is fair to learn more than forget.

  • We just stay Longer

    We could only go 3 or 4 days a week because we can make each day at school longer and still learn the same amount as we normally do. You all might be like we need more learning a day i say it can be the same amount of learning as normal

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