Do people over exaggerate when it comes to bullying

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  • The term "Bullied" carries a lot of weight

    I've heard a lot of people claim to have been "bullied", but I don't think all of them understand how serious a statement that is. There is a huge difference between "bullying" and just being picked on a little; unpleasant as it is, every child will be called names or laughed at at some point during their school days- that is not bullying. That is children being children. Bullying is when an individual is continually singled out by the same person (or more frequently group of people) and tormented/discriminated against. It occurs day after day, week after week, not just as an isolated incident; and it can affect victims psychologically for the rest of their lives- even leading to suicide in some tragic cases. So whenever someone says they have been "bullied", I'm always skeptical; because in my opinion using that term loosely is disrespectful and belittling to those who have dealt with real bullies.

  • They do not!

    Bullying is never exaggerated. Unless you go through the torment yourself, you will never understand just how excruciating it can be. I suffered bullying for years which really lowered my self esteem. I was also diagnosed with depression and anxiety around this time. I was having panic attacks also. That was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  • Absolutely never over-exaggerated.

    Clearly, not to be rude or anything, but the creator of this debate does not realize that bullying is NEVER over-exaggerated. Bullying is a serious thing these days. Nobody should ever do it. Yes, some people do over-exaggerate, but it is VERY rare. If somebody bullies someone, small or big, it should be taken seriously. In the end, bullying is never over-exaggerated.

  • Not really, no

    The argument that bullying is over exaggerated is quickly put down as there are many people whose lives are severely affected by the aftermath of being bullied. It isn't because it still goes on today, which makes it more important to be going into detail about it to prove a point and to show how bullying can really affect people

  • Perception is everything

    They do not exaggerate per se. They simply say how they perceive the bullying, how the bullying makes them feel. Odds are, the stuff they actually say would not be taken seriously when it is reported. However, when they describe what they perceive is being said, they give a more accurate representation of the situation.

  • What in the name of god..

    Whoever came up with this bull is clearly a supporter of bullies. Please come back when you have learned to have respect for fellow humans. Homophobes, sexists, extreme feminists, racists, why do they exist? Because they were brought up under a house of stupidity. When people learn to forgive people for differences, all will be forgiven as will our sins.

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