• Yes, people overlook the threat of hate groups

    Hate groups are easy to overlook, as many of them operate underground and appeal to only a small number of people; however, if their hate is strong enough, they possess the power and fortitude to wreak havoc on the greater population. White supremacists, who became the Klu Klux Klan, and religious zealots, such as those who are members of Al Quaeda are capable of violent acts perpetrated against those they hate. If hate groups are addressed early and not ignored, any potential aggression could be averted.

  • No I don't believe people overlook the threat of hate groups.

    I believe that people in general view hate groups very cautiously and understand that they can be very dangerous, I believe hate groups are slowly losing the bases that they once had for example the KKK is now a very minor organization when at one time it was a huge threat.

  • We are vigilant.

    No, people do not overlook the threat of hate groups, because we are well aware of the threats that they pose. We might appear to overlook them just because sometimes we aren't sure what to do with them. Also, can measures to protect ourselves from hate groups ever be completely successful? We are not overlooking, it is just a challenging situation.

  • No, people don't overlook the threat from hate groups.

    I think that the threat from hate groups gets as much as attention as it deserves.. I don't think that there is an epidemic of hate groups here in the USA. I think that a lot of the time, hate groups are politicized by a lot of groups and politicians for their own benefits.

  • No, people do not overlook the threat of hate groups.

    No, people do not overlook the threat of hate groups. Hate groups are targeted in both the media as well as other more positive groups that are essentially anti hate groups. The issue is the more you fight a hate group, the more you become part of just another hate group.

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