Do people put underwear with the rest of their laundry to wash (PRO) or do they separate it from everything else (CON) ?

Asked by: PhilKL
  • Most of the Time I Mix Loads

    My washing machine is enormous, so if I put in only my underwear, I'm just wasting water. I usually put in a few t-shirts, socks, or my pajamas in with the load. It saves time (because I don't have to do a second load), it saves water and electricity (good for the planet), and it helps clear out the hamper.

  • Put it all in the mix

    I would have to take the stance of placing all the washing together.
    It is convenient , it is practical and you will save a lot of time.
    There is no downside to doing this as everything is going to be wash and be
    squeaky clean once it comes out.

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