• Yes, people on the internet do read a relevant amount of written text accordingly

    'People who are networked in the social networking websites are challenged with reading everytime they rely on the internet for their entertainment, information, and research. Either through the search engines or the other services provided by the World Wide Web. Each ones level of reading depends on their expectations, needs and level of education.

  • Yes, I think people read enough

    While society as a whole probably could read more I think in general people read enough, most people are reading constantly throughout the day at work and school through different documents and presentations, people are constantly analyzing data and reading in general in everything they do in one way or another.

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  • People do not read enough

    People just do not read as much as they should, maybe I'm a bookworm, but it offends me when people say my generation doesn't read enough. I know it's true, and that is what irks me. Of course, there are always the select few who do still read, but as a majority, I believe that people need to read more. There is really no excuse. If you're busy, read a short story during your lunch break at work. Read before you go to sleep. Read while you are on the train. You can read pretty much anywhere, whether it's a real book or an Ebook, you can always find time to read.

  • Too much technology!!

    People now are too into technology. They don't think about putting that device down and reading a novel instead. It is important to read, though, because it can teach you things from different perspectives. Not enough children find reading a hobby. It should be, because there are so many things it can teach you.

  • Reading is endangered..

    Reading is no longer a hobby for people or a even an interest. Its endangered. It used to be an escape for people from the cruel world and enjoy a book to feel that they are not alone. People don't understand the importance of reading these days. Non-readers are clearly incapable of doing certain things in which book worms excel. The ability to express themselves is one such thing which book lovers can do the best. So, if there is even 1% chance to preserve the habit of reading, people must save it for their own betterment.

  • No, majority of people do not read enough anymore.

    In the world we live right now, I do think that people are not reading enough. People take for granted reading. People read today as a matter of urgency or need rather as a form of entertainment, an art and or by gaining insight. In a society where internet is available and access to information available virtually, a majority do not even bother reading them. Instead they search for videos and pictures that they find fun and interesting. Some just post selfies, food and all sorts of things to Facebook while others just chat. I do believe that reading is fun and exciting, however, only a few enjoy reading nowadays.

  • It's just not a thing anymore!

    People say its boring, I'm lazy, I do not have time, and I'm too busy... Are you serious? Reading is something you can do in your spare time. There is not one person in the world who cannot spend 5 minutes reading a book or short story. They prefer to read something on their smartphone.

  • We don't read enough Books

    I will say that we as people don't read enough books, or newspapers anymore. With the internet being so big and able to give us virtuatlly anything that we want, books have become second rate. It is very unfortunate about this, but we as people need to pick up more books and start to use are imagination again, and not have a computer or movie supply entertainment all the time.

  • People would rather watch TV or find an opinion of the web.

    People do not read enough. Our culture is swamped with social media, news media, youtube and other blog posts. People do not make their own opinions over things that are supposed to be read. They borrow opinions from other people. They skip to the end, the get the gist; they read the cliff notes. They assume facts where there are none and do not take the time to read the literature, the article or original copy on their own before making their own opinion. I sincerely doubt that many people can claim that they have read a classic novel, let alone a book that was not deemed popular by a recent movie..

  • Forgoing our cultural needs

    People are as literate as ever if they have access to a smartphone and computer, but they are also limiting their skills in text because everything through these platforms is in short form, and the speed and ease of use of technology has limited our attention spans. We need to pick up a book every once in a while.

  • No, people do not read enough.

    Reading is a lost art in todays world. Most people these days really only read by what texts they get or from articles they read on the Internet. In terms of books, a lot of people do not even think about them. I think that people should read more because it would help them in terms of using their creativity.

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