Do people really think that Wiccans worship the devil?

  • The majority of Americans are highly misinformed about religion.

    America's population, particularly its Christian majority, are fairly ignorant when it comes to religions other than their own. A great many Christians believe that Wiccans worship the "devil", despite the "devil" being a pat of Judeo-Christian mythology alone.
    The association likely stems from the early Middle Ages, when the figure of Satan was first given the likeness of the Horned God of many pagan cultures in order to link pagans to "evil".

  • Yes, people do think Wiccans worship evil

    A lot of people get the idea that Wicca/Paganism worship evil mainly from media. Witchcraft is usually associated with people in the suburbs casting spells that automatically go wrong. And Christianity (trying not to sound dogmatic) have programmed and image that Pagans in general are the enemy of God. In reality, Wiccans are trying not to come from the evil side and try to shine positive light onto the world. So yes, some people do think Wiccans worship evil. It all comes down to how we were raised around this topic.

  • Yes they do....... What a shame

    A lot of people think Wicca is devil worshipping. I know better and don't believe them. I use to be Wiccan so i had first hand experience with the religion. I am no longer Wiccan, but the reason why doesn't matter. The reason why some people think this is they assume what they see in the movies is the truth. Woman flying around on broomsticks and casting spells on people is usually how people picture witches and Wiccans. They would know the truth if they picked up a book (NOT the bible) and at least flip through it, or look up Wicca and find something that isn't written by a bias person. I just want to say one thing Wicca is NOT evil and Wiccans do NOT worship the (Christian) devil.

  • Yes, they do think Wiccans are devil worshipers.

    Some people judge a religion based off a TV show or something they have heard or learned through their parents, and not based off what is actual fact. It is sad, but yes, there are people out in the world who think Wiccans worship the devil. It would be nice if they did research. It is not true that Wiccans worship the devil.

  • My girlfriend is a Wiccan,

    And she does not worship the Devil. It's a very complex religion with polytheism, belief in magick, etc. Wicca is not devil worship. My girlfriend actually rejects Satanism dearly. LaVeyan and Theistic/Tradtional Satanism alike. I hope you can read a Wikipedia article instead of instantly thinking something that doesn't adopt the idea of a Judeo-Christian God is satanic.

  • Wiccan beliefs - General principles of Wiccan beliefs:

    Wiccans have a hard time agreeing on exactly what they believe; but, it seem to be universally accepted among the various main Wiccan groups that they do not worship the Christian Devil.

    These different Wiccans groups like to say that they have chosen a different Wiccan path. Many Wiccans believe in magic. Some Wiccans cast spells or workings during ritual practices, some that are only done when there is a full moon. “Many early Wiccans, such as Alex Sanders, Sybil Leek and Doreen Valiente, referred to their own magic as "white magic", which contrasted with "black magic", which they associated with evil and Satanism.” “Many traditions hold a belief in the five classical elements, although they are seen as symbolic as representations of the phases of matter. These five elements are invoked during many magical rituals, notably when consecrating a magic circle. The five elements are air, fire, water and earth, plus aether (or spirit), which unites the other four, which are the five elements of their Pentagram.”

    “Eclectic Wicca
    A large number of professed Wiccans do not exclusively follow any single tradition. These eclectic Wiccans each create their own syncretic spiritual paths by adopting and reinventing the beliefs and rituals of a variety of religious traditions connected to Wicca and broader Paganism.”

    “These Wiccan groups are not very organized as groups. In 1973 a group of 73 representatives from many Wiccan paths and traditions met in Minneapolis to form a temporary “Council of American Witches” under the leadership of Carl Llewellyn Weschcke, of the well-known Llewellyn publishing house that specializes in books dealing with alternative health and healing, astrology, earth-based religions, shamanism, Gnostic Christianity, Kabbalah, etc. They came up with 13 principles (e.g., importance of taking care of the environment that harmonized the beliefs of the many Wiccan traditions in the U.S. at the time. The group disbanded shortly afterward, which is too funny. These folks seem to have forgotten the history of Wicca.”

    “Wicca is a modern pagan, witchcraft religion. It was developed in England during the first half of the 20th century and it was introduced to the public in 1952 by Gerald Gardner, a retired British civil servant. It draws upon a diverse set of ancient pagan and 20th century hermetic motifs for its theological structure and ritual practice….Wicca is traditionally and primarily a religion centred upon the idea of gender polarity and the worship of a Moon Goddess and a Horned God. (This core theology was originally described by Gerald Gardner, the founder of the religion; and Doreen Valiente, who wrote much of the original liturgical materials.) The Goddess and the God may be regarded as the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. They are complementary opposites or dualities, bearing similarities to the concept of yin and yang in Taoism. The God and Goddess are generally seen as lovers and equals, the Divine Couple who together co-create the cosmos.

    Like all religious beliefs, Wicca is more of the same – Superstitious Nonsense.

  • No but yes

    Wiccans don't believe in Christianity in the same way Satanists do. They believe in there own religion and may have there own version of the devil. In one sense you could say they do worship Satan because all other religions are false and technically there gods are Satan. But most people don't take it like that so they don't think that they worship the devil.

  • No, they do not.

    I'm a Wiccan and this is obviously not true, we don't even believe in the devil.
    As far as I'm concerned, the Devil is a made up being to scare others into certain religions.

    I can't believe some people are ignorant enough to just assume anyone that doesn't have the same belief system is automatically a bad person.

    I'll quote a famous religion about their policies.
    "Thou shall not kill"
    Christians have killed Wiccans in the past, burned or drown, and this is just completely disregarding their own beliefs. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind anyone who is Christian, but when things are taken that out of proportion, changes need to be in order.

  • We do not

    We do not believe in the "devil". The person people say is the "devil" is our Horned God of the Hunt. The word diablo from my understanding is told to be the "devil" when it means advisory or opponent. So why do people think Wiccans that we worship your "devil"?

  • I am a Wiccan

    Wicca is having beliefs in nature so of course not we are not Satanist. Who ever a witch is lying that we are evil. Their other forms of witchcraft Wicca is just one of them. Christians think that i am devil but I'm not. Black magic is a devil worshiper not Wicca

  • Wiccans are not devil worshipers!

    I'm wiccan my self, I don't even believe the devil exists! Yes I practice witchcraft, but that dosen't make me evil! I don't cast hexs on people, even when I think they deserve it. All I do is cast and work with white magic, and if any christians are reading this, when you prey, simaler thing, I pray to the white goddess and other gods and goddesse

  • No, they don't worship Satan.

    I'm sure people do think that Wiccans worship Satan, and that's great for them, but they don't. I want to be a Wiccan, and I'm pretty sure they believe in fairies, lochin, (Lochin is the word I use for spirits that are visible. I read it in a fictional book.) magic, and potion making.

  • Wiccan Misinformation is Rampant

    Many people think that Wiccans worship the devil because Wiccan is a type of witchcraft, and people automatically equate witchcraft with devil worship. Many people also believe that you are either worshiping God or satan, so if you are not engaged in worship of God, you are engaged in worship of something evil, which is of the devil.

  • Many are confused

    Many are confused, christians and non-christians alike, about the "danger" of Wicca. I am a christian, but I accept many religions as okay. I know, from various literary sources, that Wicca is simply a religion or belief that involves black and white magic; black meaning satanic deeds, and white meaning healing and good power. If any christians believe that Wicca is devil worship of greed, incest, or child sacrifices, remember the southern pentecostal women with pecan pies and lemonade standing next to a fancy car, but somehow not enough room in their suddenly full house for a homeless person, even for one night. Remember the oh-so faithful preachers who go home at night after giving an uplifting speech to find their wives being raped by a so-called friend. Remember the families in India who commit child murder for honor.

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GWL-CPA says2013-04-07T23:06:28.997
Sure, I could when it comes to superstitious nonsense, which includes almost everything true wiccans believe in, and all religions in general, pure nonsense.

Get a life and belief in science.