• Yes we are over reliant on computers and phones!

    I think sometimes we are overly reliant on technology and when it fails we begin to panic as we tend to have our entire lives on our phones from our calendar, To our memories, To phone numbers. Our society has become lazy as we put everything on our phone and we don’t have to remember it because it is on an electronic device.

  • Over reliance on computers is of concern as use of technonolgy increases.

    People rely on computers too much. Computers can be a tremendous tool to save time and labor, but people need to know how to do things without them as well. Just as a pilot must know how to fly an airplane without instruments, a person should know how to do calculations by hand, and write by hand rather than typing. Many younger people cannot do these things as they have relied on computers. Automobiles and critical infrastructure all depend on computers now. It is imperative that people know how to diagnose and repair problems without the aid of computers in the event of a computer failure. We should use the computers as a tool, but know how to get along without them when the need arises.

  • No, people do not rely on computers too much.

    No, people do not use computers too frequently. The purpose of technology is to make life operate more smoothly and efficiently. Writing, shopping and interacting with others all take place more efficiently through the computer. It is important to find a balance between real-world interaction and sitting in front of a monitor, but by and large, people manage to find that balance.

  • Computers are convenience that make daily tasks easier.

    The frequent use of computers is directly related to the level of convenience they provide. People can speak with family and friends, enjoy entertainment, work and shop online. This saves a tremendous amount of time that used to be spent when people were required to leave their homes to do most of the these things. People enjoy the ease of being able to do these tasks at home. If faced with a world without computers, though, people would adapt.

  • No, computers and interconnectivity are here to stay and have improved the collective intelligence of humanity.

    Resources available on computers and smart devices are making humanity much more logical and intelligent. A wealth of knowledge is available to anyone with the desire to learn. No longer must a person waste valuable brain power learning dozens of mathematical formulas, instead that person can input the calculations into their computer and focus their energies on solving real-world problems. There is not a foreseeable future in which computers in some form are not available to nearly everyone on the planet.

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