• Yes, it is a travesty.

    Yes, people still kill pandas, because some people have no shame. No everyone who does something wrong, like killing a panda, will be caught. Some people do it just for thrill. Other people kill pandas to make money. There is no way to completely prevent something from happening, and it is so sad for the pandas.

  • Yes, of course they do!

    I doubt there is much panda hunting going on in the world today, if anything because there are so few left in the wild. But there is still illegal smuggling, which is done to make money at the indifference to the animal in question. Because of that, the pandas are not well cared for during transport and die as a result. I also believe that because of the rarity of pandas, certain aspects such as the distinctive fur and possible medicinal uses of its body parts cause people to kill pandas to sell dead. It is disgusting, but so long as people are willing to pay there will be a supply.

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