Do people take protecting the enviornment too seriously?

Asked by: Debateajax196
  • In a way, yes.

    Look.... I get protecting as preserving is a moral thing and it's something of importance, but I feel like people obsess with this issue too seriously like the slightest enviornment change makes some people go nuts! It's like they want to permanently perfect even if it involves letting the economy suffer.... News flash for anyone who disagrees! Nothing can be perfect. Am I saying that we should let the enviornment suffer and die out?? NO, but we shouldn't be totally obsess with protecting the enviornment to the point of letting a certain group of people suffer.... Think about that for while. 👈

  • Yes, it is backwards

    People sometimes forget that nature is put here for us to make use of, and for no other reason. The kind of childlike naive attitude some people have when it comes to saving the environment can become barbaric if one takes things too far. Yes, it is cute that you think that eating meat is destroying the planet but it is disgusting for you to think that you can force your opinions on others.

  • Not seriously enough

    From observations, I would say most people have little interest in respecting the environment. This planet, is the only planet (at least that we know of), that grows life like us. It's truly something amazing but I think many of us take it for granted. Earth is an amazing planet to live on and we should cherish that for years and years. But we hurt the environment so much with our man made chemicals, toxic waste, we kill it's natural habitat, burn and cut billions and billions of trees. Earth gave us a place to breath and this is how most of us treat it sadly.

  • I totaly belive yes

    I agree that you do have to protect the enviorment but not that much. If you save the enviorment, yes that really helps the planet. But doing that would make it so there are basicly no jobs. Plus there are many jobs that are actully made to help save the enviorment. That is one of the ways we are still saving the enviorment.

  • He are heavily affected by it.

    It is in our best interest to protect the environment as without a stable ecosystem, economic growth as well as our climate will be far less stable. Take for example our coral reefs, some may say that we go to far in protecting them, but it is far better than losing these as they are the breeding grounds for many of our marine food sources. With climate change becoming greater we will begin to see more natural disasters as well as famines and droughts. If we do not take drastic action to prevent this, our economy will be the least of our worries (it will also tank as infrastructure is destroyed).

  • Livestock and animal products

    Many people claim to be enviormentalists, yet the biggest issue goes unrecognized
    COWSPIRACY one of the greatests documentaries on enviormentalism has proven that animal agriculture is the WORST activity in terms of enviorment, if people were to take enviorment to seriously they would go vegan in a matter of seconds.
    Animal agriculture destroys all forms of life on this planet, it's incredibly unsustainable, unethical and unhealthy and it's the most inefficient way to sustain 7 billion people, if you wanna know all this about enviorment, watch the documentary yourselves, the list of issues with this activity in terms of enviorment is just mindblowing, I would have to write for hours, so please watch the documentary yourselves and finally learn the truth about envorment and if possible go vegan :).
    YouTube videos to watch:
    *veganism can save the world, best 15 min. Video ever
    *meat your future, livestock and the sixth mass extinction
    *why you sould NOT eat fish and seafood
    *everything wrong with enviormentalism in 11 minutes or less

  • Not seriously enough.

    Most of us are consumers, and therefore we see the environment as how it only benefits us- not how the environment can benefit from us. If we keep up with this mentality, it will surely catch up with us. We burn and cut billions and billions of trees, homes to native animals who are then forced to migrate and upset the balance of the ecosystem (overpopulating an area which decreases resources such as food and shelter the necessity of life). Not only does deforstation hurt our animals, but also our own resources. Where do you think medicine comes from? Them trees. And that toilet paper that wipes your butt? Them trees. And your fluffy cotton pillow? What about everything with corn syrup (ice cream, cookies, cake, cereal)? So what does else is made/comes from plants other than fruits, vegetables, drugs/meds, pillows, blankets, paper...Ect?

    Despite how we dump trash into mother natures ocean, pollute the air with toxic chemicals, destroy the homes of millions of wildlife animals, and our own resources,
    In the end, nature is still kind to us (most of the time). They provide us with so much and how do we give back?

  • Seeing the planet as it is now proves otherwise.

    Clearly the planet we live on is finite and fragile. There is no mistaking that not enough people are protecting it. If I was earth and had this pest called Homo sapient on me I would get a doctor to get it off me as soon as I can seeing the things its doing to me. Not enough people take it seriously enough, which leads us to the phenomenon we see today.

    Posted by: pH-7
  • I have a simple answer

    Ok, for all people who say that environmentalists fret over the slightest change, is because we do. Believe it or not, microscopic changes in the atmosphere can change whether it snows, rains, or just stays sunny. So the old saying "A butterfly flapping it's wings in China can make a tornado in America" is more or less fact

  • That's Not Possible

    It is impossible to take protecting the environment too seriously, because the environment deserves all the protection it can get. This laissez-faire attitude most people take is only helping to destroy the Earth even faster, unless humans do something to protect the Earth, the whole planet will die out. So, do people take protecting the one planet we live on too seriously? No, they don't.

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