Do people tell other people what they should want too much

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Want what you want, Be You, and Stop making assumptions about what other people want or should want

    People always speak like you're an idiot unless you want what everyone else wants. You must want a certain career, you must want to get married, you must want kids, you must want a number of things and in certain ways or everyone disrespects you. People tell you what to want your whole life and you find it harder and harder to know who you really are. You keep making decisions you regret based on what other people tell you you want or what you should. In some rare cases people snap under this kind of pressure. We should let each other be and decide our own priorities in life for ourselves. It is their life not yours.

  • If people tell others to get more

    It may make people a little ungrateful. They also could become greedy and selfish, like tyrants or kings. They would only start caring about themselves and not help others. Sure you can say " you can have a little more" because a little doesn't hurt much. So my conclusion is that people shouldn't take too much or too little

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