• Yes,I think there is way too much trust in Facebook.

    Yes,I think there is way too much trust in Facebook. People fall for anything on social media sites in general but Facebook especially. I feel that allot of people do not think they just believe whatever comes their way. If individuals took more time to do research then Facebook scams would work allot less.

  • Facebook Scams on the rise

    I believe people are gullible all around. With Facebook attracting the " grandparents" crowd, more and more are falling for scams. It is a shame that Facebook cannot put a stop to this though. They have to technological means to do so, however it is still happening. Shame on them for not intervening.

  • People are to trusting on Facebook

    It seems as if Facebook has made the average internet user stupid. Before social media became popular, people were more cautious about what they posted online. Now, people post all manner of personal details. It seems that more and more people are willing to use Facebook, and other social networks, to win stuff or find great deals. This means providing your personal information to complete strangers.

  • Some people are gulible

    There are tons of scams on face book and tons of people fall for them but an equal number, if not more people, do not fall for them. The people who fall for these scams are often they type of people who would fall for these types of scams otherwise.

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