Do people too often give opinions on things they know nothing about.

Asked by: jboehnerart
  • Almost always happens

    There are so many people that respond to debates and options that have no idea what there talking about. Many people can't support there research with sources because they gave a educated guess. Not everyone... But there's many people who do this. I think that if you can't back up what your saying with sources then don't post it.

  • All the time

    I'm an art teacher and an artist, and I will go onto the art based opinions. I am always shocked as to how many people don't know anything about art. I often wonder if people do any research before they post what they think. I'm not asking for a massive dissertation or anything, but a good five to ten minutes of solid research would go a long way. This is also the reason that I tend to stay away from topics that I don't know much on.

  • Just admit you don't know

    Time and again my friend challenges information I offer based on other individuals opinions. Instead of researching a subject and commenting, she eludes to someone told me this and therefore I am in error. I believe in admitting when you are not educated in a specific subject, reserve a comment. Now, if you want my opinion, I disclose its based on personal experience not by researching the topic. One, what is this thing about admitting when your not all knowing.

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  • Yes, I completely agree

    It is a plague that has consumed our society. People only need a small, irrelevant portion of information regarding any topic and they will believe they are a well seasoned expert, an intellectual deity of supreme knowledge and wisdom.

    They will then speak their tiny, portions of information that are skewed by subjective filters and distortions, and simply recite an altered version that fits their belief system to others in the form of opinion, but believe they are gifting the listener with nuggets of enlightenment and profound advice and knowledge.

  • People spout off arguments with little to no basis

    I have personally observed people going from talking to a person who listened to the radio, to telling other people all about the subject discusswd on radio as if they themselves were the ones reporting the information to the radio station in the first place. Furthermore, the person who receives that info from this person tends to continue on this chain of false and misleading information.

    Oftentimes, you can't even argue against these people because they're so convinced of something that they probably haven't even read about in their life, that they refuse to take facts from people who DO actually study, research, and work in these fields.

  • They sure do

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  • Hypocrisy isn't rare anymore.

    These days, people have become more judgmental than ever. They would pass comments on a person they barely know, they would give lectures on topics they barely know about or experiences they'e never experienced but only heard about. Although one would no nothing about a particular thing, they would like to portray and pretend as if they're extremely knowledgeable in that context and most of the times become so hypocritical. They talk about something that they think is wrong and the next moment they'd be doing the same.

  • DDO Is Chock Full Of Such Bozos Who Continually Attack What They Don't Understand, Like Evolution:

    Most of the Evolution debates are Initiated by people who have no idea of Evolution. Most of the debates attacking Atheism are also instigated by people who don't understand Atheism.
    They have read a Creationist document somewhere and suddenly they know all about Evolution and Atheism. Well, that is about the size of their knowledge on average.
    They don't seem to realize: Answers-in-Genesis has no Truthful Information about anything.
    So to argue what they read there is begging to be called an Idiot.
    Same goes for Institute For Creation Research books and web pages.
    To cite Geology, Biology, Evolution or Cosmology from any of those sites and you are begging to be called a Lunatic.

  • Yes they do.

    They have a right to but more likely than not it's annoying because they, will pull an answer out of their a$$, and you'll try to correct them and then Some other ignorant person will argue based on the part they heard, creating an irrelevant argument. Example" How high can a car be? Eg. What is the limit? Them: I don't think there is a limit, why would there be? You: well how would you get under bridges on highways? Someone else: you couldn't possibly have a car that tall its impossible. They would have to build the bridge higher. You're wrong.

  • What's the topic?

    Depending on the topic, as you've stated you're an artist and you should be aware of the creative minds in this world. I believe you don't always need research to give an opinion on all subjects. Yes I believe if you're giving an opinion on the World Wars, Cold Wars, Gravity, etc. You need to research but in the point of being opinionated on the taste of something that is your own opinion, nobody else and the research behind your apple is going to change the taste of that apple.

  • People are dumb

    Cool people are dumb, everyone is cool so everyone is dumb, I spelt is wrong, but I have since fixed it. Jye needs to go to grade 9 where he came from. I don't know what else to say, thanks for listening, bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

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