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  • No, people do not typically save enough money each month towards retirement.

    Most people don't know how much to save or even how to save. There are many responsible people who are willing and able to start saving for retirement early on in their lives, but there are far more people who barely survive on their income and therefore can't even put money aside to save for retirement.

  • No, they do not

    I know personally I am not saving enough for retirement. When I am done buying food, bills and the kids activities, I am barely making ends meet. I think that it is harder and harder for middle class people to put money away. We don't get help like poor and don't have the additonal resources like the rich.

  • How Could They

    Income inequality makes it impossible to save towards retirement. As an American citizen I still can't afford health insurance, much less even save back for an emergency fund. People can't "do the right thing" if they aren't allowed to do so. Wages haven't went up in this country for years, so how can we expect people to plan for the future if they can't even fill their fridge properly?

  • No, with the downturn of the economy people do not have the option to save enough for retirement.

    No, due to the fact that our country has experienced a wide spread recession for several years, people are not able to save enough for retirement. With the cost of medical care, living expenses, and the rate of inflation, it is difficult to near impossible for many to save for retirement as most are simply trying to make ends meet.

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