Do people who believe in God have more societal power than those who don't?

  • The tide is turning but still yes at this point

    It's still unthinkable to have a president that doesn't believe in God or identify with a religion. Agnostics and Atheists are more commonplace, but up top where the shots are truly called, you better at least say you believe in something whether you do or not. The older generation is still all about religion and tolerance towards other beliefs only exists as an idea, it is not practiced.

  • Yes, people who believe in god have more power

    In a country where majority rules, and where the majority of people believe in god, it follows that those people are the ones with the power. Non-believers are judged harshly, and, in many cases it would be impossible for a non-believer to attain a high political office in this country because of the distrust believers have in those who do not ascribe to their world view.

  • People base their opinons on others based on their belief in God.

    I believe that people who believe in God have more societal power than those who don't. Most people base their opinions about others based on their belief in God.
    One of the biggest issues in presidential elections is the whether the candidates believe in God. Most of the candidates declare that they believe in God because they know that more people will vote for them.
    People who believe in God are considered more trustworthy by society than those who do not. In fact, recent polls show that Atheists are the least trusted group of people in the United States.
    Belief in God is extremely important to our society and society puts people in power.

  • No, religion is being relegated to a lesser role.

    The idea that a person has "God on my side" has considerably diminished. People who have the ability of independent thought tend to rely on their own ideas and not need to be backed by some deity to give their ideas legitimacy. The believers in God in this society have to a great extent shown themselves to be non-thinkers and in many cases hypocrites and that is only leading to their own demise as a position of power. We can now see religious people as taking more extreme positions in their efforts to maintain control, but they are losing sway with people who have to do their thinking help from God.

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