Do people who have some type of special gift have a responsibility to help others?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • We all have a gift or talent in us.

    And such a short time to exist and experience life. The people who leave legacies are those who embrace their gift, and make the most of it with the time they're given on this earth. Once you're gone, you're gone. Might as well improve the world around you as much as you can before you're forgotten.

  • Of course they do:

    All people have a basic debt to society regardless of their capabilities therefore people with greater gifts and talents in certain fields have said responsibilities to help. There are those who shun these responsibilities but many rise to the occasion bringing about positive changes for the world by leading society and the species on the whole into tomorrow.

    Those who shun the responsibility to be a part of society's progression are enemies of society. This goes for all people, not just those of extreme talent.

  • Of course not

    There is no objective reasoning for why someone with a special gift should have to help others. The idea that 'with great power comes great responsibility' is one that was developed under a set of subjective perceptions of right and wrong. We can say that we prefer people using their abilities for 'good', but we can't actually prove why it HAS TO be that way.

  • Why should they.

    It does not matter what your talents is but you are in no way obliged to help anyone unless you want to. If we follow the line of reasoning that people with a gift should, then surely all musicians should perform for free and all teachers should do work for no pay. In other words its not societies job to interfere in individual rights to do what they want, just because society does not posses something they dearly want.

  • They shouldn't have to commit themselves

    "With great power comes great responsibility". That quote is ambiguous, it depends on the type of power. Responsibility applies most heavily to those who have power over other people, but for people who have a superhuman power (hypothetically) or special skill, they have more of a choice. They should have a balance.

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