Do people who only seek to cause misery on the internet (trolls) have a place on the internet?

Asked by: alphafailed
  • To each his own.

    For the rest of the world, developing a tough skin that is able to respectfully thwart off and ignore these parasites could be a great step towards one's own personal development and maturity, as these people are found everywhere. Let them continue wallow in their own insecurities and infantile, attention-seeking ways as much as they want to. I believe that there's is no point in trying to dictate or determine how others should be in the same way trolls wish to

  • You have no right to tell people they can't use the internet.

    You're not a special little snowflake. People are going to cause you misery whether you like it or not, and you are in no position to change that. Just put on your big boy pants and ignore them. It doesn't matter if you don't like them. It isn't your job to decide who does what.

  • We need a scapegoat.

    A perfect place where people do not hate each other does not exist, and is unnatural. The internet is no exception. We need someone to hate. We need that hate to feel justified. So why not hate trolls? Hate the people that hate others for lack of something to hate. They're no good, right? Useless? Cause suicide? Use those to fuel your hate. Vent.

    People kill themselves because of online bullying. Correct? Therefore trolls don't have a place and are unacceptable. People also kill themselves because of isolation. They feel alone, weak. Like nothing they do matters. They fall into a pit and the only way to go is to dig down. At least, they see it that way. Should we also refuse people time for isolation?

    Let me explain to you why a society where there is nothing to hate does not exist.

    It's not healthy to not release frustration. Without stress and something to release it on, it's reflected inwardly. Perhaps it explodes outward. Like a time-bomb. If everything in your life was great, if nobody did anything wrong around you, but you still felt upset with something, what would you do? Small things go wrong. You drop something. You smile, apologize, and clean up the mess. You trip. You're not seriously wounded. It's not a big deal. Walk it off, suck it up. Right?

    These small things will build up. It'll become self destructive. People could end up killing others or themselves regardless. Maybe it's already build up. Maybe you slip and fall. It hurts a bit, but you're not injured. It's not a big deal. Someone calmly tells you to "walk it off, champ." You start the think. The wheels turn. Negativity takes over. "Don't you care?," or how about "Oh, I'm fine, thanks." These thoughts cross your mind. You start to question everyone around you. You over-think every interaction in your life.

    Due to your over-thinking, everything relates to another minor unpleasant experience until it's a web of negativity. Someone didn't notice you got a paper-cut. Just like someone else didn't care when you slipped. Falling hurt, just like your paper-cut. It stings, like when you got hot sauce in your eye once. People laughed when you said you did it. Didn't they care? Their eyes start to look taunting and malicious. Their smiles go from friendly to spiteful. They're no longer laughing with you, they're laughing at you. It's embarrassing, it hurts. You associate everything with everything until you're caught in your own web. You keel over and wish for everything to burn. You want to forget. You want everything to disappear. That's wrong, it's not their fault. Who are they to judge you? They didn't mean anything by it. You don't want them around you any longer. You hate them. They're innocent. It's their fault. You do something crazy. You hurt yourself and take the side of the voice that says it's not their fault. You act out and take the other side.

    Posted by: rip
  • Only fascists idiots seeking to repress freedom of speech hate trolls

    The internet is for everyone. Get used to the fact that little Timmy from across the street can call you a loser on your twitter account. Learn to ignore people and block them if you have sand in your you know what. But dont try to deny people their right for speech

  • They're only here to cause trouble

    Some of the most hateful comments I've seen on the internet are in the most random places, and really have no rhyme or reason as to why they are so passionate about the topic. I have come to the conclusion that they really have no idea what they are talking about (evidence includes lack of resources and terrible spelling and punctuation) and just want the attention. Because they are so unfeeling towards their fellow man (and woman), I don't believe these people should have any part of the internet to dwell. Sadly, this isn't the case, and you rarely can find an address that hasn't seen at least one "troll". Even Debate.Org has it's fair share of trolls and hate-mongers. Don't believe me? Just read the comments on this debate. I can almost guarantee there will be at least one comment that promotes irrational negativity.

  • They absolutely do NOT have a place on the Internet.

    All they wish to do is mess the delicate peace that exists within certain bits of the Internet. Now, I completely understand that people need their freedom of speech, but when they think they can send death threats and tell people to kill themselves, that's unacceptable. There's a difference between sarcasm and disagreement and even heated arguments, but when a life is lost due to these "trolls", something has to change.

  • Suicide is the result

    Anything that causes people to comit suicide does not belong anywhere. How can your defend such act when it has effectively taken peoples live, or at least destroyed them. It's a joke when people say it to create a tough outer skin. Rubbish, not everyone sees it as 'banter'. Imagine if you got home, and the police were there telling you how your mother or father committed suicide after being severely bullied online. It happens, it's not a myth.

  • I hate them. They drive me CRAZY!

    The comments that they make can sometimes be seen as funny and a joke but sometimes they goes too far.
    The worst part is, since Google messed up the Youtube comment sections, it means that any stupid, dumb, selfish or racist comment that (obviously) triggers people to reply with anger , put right at the top of the list.
    E.G. Lovejoy. A fake feminist who goes on videos making stupid comments. People reply be telling her she's wrong, to go away or to shut the hell up. This means that videos with hard work put into it has the attention taken away by complete idiots who top the list, over helpful;l and congratulatory comments.
    As the old saying goes, if you don't have something smart to say, shut the bloody **** up. And breath.

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