• For the most part

    Once in a while I have met someone who opposed gay "marriage" but support unions which grant all the same rights as marriage, as they want to save "marriage" as a religious union. That I can KIND OF see and respect, and I would not say that someone who holds such views doesn't like homosexuals. However, the majority of the opponents of same-sex marriage are bigots who dislike gay people.

  • They have the right!

    Gays have the given right to marry anyone they want. You are depriving them of their god given rights. Even if it is a sin, ( which it is not) why would you care? If they're that's all that matters. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Their life is being gay, their pursuit of happiness is being gay. Obviously god made them that way. Because god made them that way, they should be punished? That's just horrible. If you don't like it, don't look at it! You don't HAVE to be gay or lesbian. Just because you're not gay or lesbian doesn't mean that you're any better. I thought everyone was made in god image. If so, wouldn't that mean that gays are also, in his image meaning gay. They are 100% just like us. They should be able to marry happily. It's none of you business nor choice who anyone can marry.

  • It's certainly a view of homosexuals being harmful

    It depends on how you define hatred, but there's certainly a distaste about it. It seems to me that someone who opposes same sex marriage sees something destructive in them being able to wed. Perhaps the view isn't so much that they hate homosexuals as a whole, but there's certainly a view that these people are harming society in some way. I view that as an aspect of hatred.

  • Uh, yeah, what other reason really is there

    People don't agree with it, so they oppose it, it's human nature, or even just the nature of argument, Whether they personally dislike them, or dislike them for some bandwagon, like religion, they oppose the idea because of opposition towards the parties involved, it's always "god hates gays." on the sign, but reading between the lines can leads you to see that they mean "I hate gays."

  • Doesn't affect them

    I don't understand why so many people view gay marriage as something horrible, it's just two people who want to marry out of love. Gay marriage won't affect others, it won't 'destroy' the meaning of marriage. People who say they deny gay marriage because of the inability to produce offspring's or because it's a sin are just children that want everyone to be just like them. They do not understand how it feels to be unable to marry someone they love. I hope people who are like this would understand someday the amount of damage that their words cause.

  • Yes, although some hide behind religion to mask their own discontent.

    One of the most common arguments against gay marriage is that it's against the christian bible. Religious beliefs shouldn't be the deciding factor for marriage in todays world. Regardless of its origins, people see marriage differently than they did years ago.

    The biggest problem i have with the opposition to gay marriage is why the hell not? As an advocate of free will and freedom of belief im against people who would use their religions to force others on how to live their lives. Doesn't Christianity teach you about tolerance? Ironic considering opposition to gay marriage is exactly what intolerance is.

  • No other reason

    Why would someone dislike a marriage if they do not dislike the people. That just does not make any sense. If you are supporting of homosexuals why would you not be for their getting married. It just does not make sense. Every one should have the right to marry and who they love should not affect any one else. Saying you are against homosexuality because it goes against your religion is like getting mad at someone for eating a cupcake because you are on a diet.

  • Key Word Homophobic

    I blame religion. Religion has taught most people to hate homosexuality and that has over the years transcended past the act itself and onto the people who identify as homosexual. It disgusts me that we still argue and debate this to this day. It is only because of religion that this is still under debate and scrutiny. People need to get over it and go on about their lives. If you feel that they are "defiling" your holy belief then that's too bad. The world does NOT revolve around your feelings. People need to educate themselves more. Marriage was a tradition started in ancient times to insure female fidelity and to strike a secure business arrangement (e.G. Dowry, joining lands, trading livestock etc.) There were times when homosexuality flourished and now people are suddenly prudish. Well it is not all so sudden. Religion has had quite a few centuries to choke hold, oppress, and brainwash millions upon millions. Overall I think people just have issues within themselves that they need to resolve regarding this matter.

  • It seems that way to me

    I think when a homophobic person thinks of same sex marriage they think of sodomy. When I think of same sex marriage I think of commitment, devotion and love, and we all know the world needs more love. What's unnatural is homophobia. Homo sapiens is the only species in all of nature that responds with hate to homosexuality. I think the sexually repressed people worry to much about other peoples sex life and this worry is a reflection of there own. So don't worry be happy and remember love is a good thing. Have a nice day.

  • I agree on same sex marriage

    I agree because people should follower their heart to whom they should fall in love with. People shouldnt be judge by who they fall in love with. If you are being irrelevant to gay people that means you are being jealous because you love life is not happy. Leave gay anf lesbian people alone.

  • Gay Marriage is an Oxymoron

    I can't speak for all people, but I can speak for ( true )Christianity. God created marriage. He created it as 1 man and 1 woman, who should then be fruitful and multiply. Anything else is not a marriage. You can call a horse a cow, but in the end, it is still a horse. You can put 2 people into a ceremony and then call them married, but remember that the Bible says "What God has joined, let no man separate". This is because God does the marrying. He will not marry 2 men or 2 women. He doesn't have it set up that way. Any sex outside of marriage is considered fornication. All of the people ( including myself at one time ) that have had sex outside of what God calls marriage ( 1 man and 1 woman joined together by Him ) are sinning.
    We either agree with God, or we do not.
    This has nothing to do with my own thoughts, feelings, likes or dislikes of any person or situation. It has to do with knowing that I am not the author of morality. My own ideas are relativistic and wrong. I know this for a fact.
    I have met some nice gay people. I have met some rude hateful gay people, too. I have met racist gay people, I have met closet gay people. Whatever. I love them all, for Christ's sake, but I did not like them all.
    None of that will change the meaning of the word "marriage". If you want to try and "join" 2 people together in a religious or civil ceremony, and ignore the fact that only God has the authority to do this, go right ahead, but I wont support you in this effort. Doesn't mean I like or dislike you, or them. Thanks for reading.

  • Nope, not always

    Sometimes people dislike it because it goes against their beliefs. For example, I dislike the act of homosexuality because I'm a Christian, but that doesn't mean I dislike homosexuals in general. I've had a few friends who were homosexual or bi and even though I didn't like what they were doing, I still loved them as my friends.

  • It's mostly due to their beliefs

    There is not as much hate in this party as you think. Media has given that impression but mostly, I believe it's due to their belief system. I'm a Christian and in the Bible it says it's an abomination so naturally, I oppose it. I think there's a moral code in the Bible that acts like the operating manual for a good life, so I will vote that way and act that way, and I'll encourage others to do the same.

  • They Are Against What They Do Not Understand and/or Accept As Normal Behaviors.

    I'm not trying to offend anyone, with this post. The cold, hard fact is that homosexuality was once considered a mental illness. When it was removed from that list (mid-70's), it wasn't because Medical Science had proven anything. For more information on this, read "Behaviorism and Mental Health An alternative perspective on mental disorders" by PHILIP HICKEY, PH.D. Politics and a shift in social acceptance was the driving force. This is something that has left many people scratching their heads. In a community (Medical Science) that demands valid proof, there really was none. While many saw this as a victory for the Gay community, it was also a huge setback. Why? It made it more difficult for heterosexuals to accept.

    As individual, we are all different. We vary in countless ways, i.e. age, gender, race, faith, size, sexual preferences, political views, etc. I doubt that we will ever reach a point where everybody understands and accepts the differences of others. Some things, like homosexuality, are too difficult to understand. So, the most we can really hope for is mutual respect.

    By faith, I'm a Christian. My faith has taught me several things. One is that homosexuality is wrong. Another is that we should love each other as Christ loved us (unconditionally). I'm not against Gay marriage, even though I don't agree with it. As Americans, we ought to have the right to marry whoever we choose. But keep in mind, marriages happen in a lot of places -- not just temples, churches & synagogues. I don't think ANY faith should have to change its doctrine to cater to anyone. That isn't right. But I do think States should allow Gay marriages. If a church wants to marry a same-sex couple, that's their decision (or the clergy's). Otherwise, hoof it on down to City Hall and get hitched. Heterosexuals have married at City Hall, for decades.

    People don't have to carry "disdain" for homosexuals to be against Gay marriage. Likewise, many who "support" Gay marriage do not agree with the lifestyle. It continues to be complicated.

  • Not Even About Same Sex

    I oppose same-sex marriage because I don't believe marriage should be altered from its traditional structure. It actually has little to do with those of the same sex - that's just the current push. I'm also against marriage to animals, inanimate objects, and those under legal age of consent. I'm against all of those because I believe marriage should remain in its traditional form.

  • No they don't

    Lots of people oppose gay marriage because they see it as degrading to society, or for religious reasons. However, just because someone may not like homosexual _activity_ this is very different than disliking _homosexuals._ Homosexuals should not take it personally when someone does not think gay marriage should be legalized.

  • Of course not

    What people cease to understand is that people do not dislike homosexuals as people; they dislike their lifestyle. I'm referring to Christians here. A good Christian loves his/her neighbor unconditionally, no matter their sexual orientation. It seems the media is spinning it in a way that makes those who opposes homosexuals seem evil.

    However, there are crazies who just hate people. It happens.

  • I believe this is false

    I am supportive of same-sex marriage, but I don't believe that people that oppose same-sex marriage are hating of homosexuals. They are only following their religious beliefs, they don't necessarily hate homosexuals. But I do support it and think that a gay person should have the same right as any heterosexual person.

  • Not all who are against gay marriage dislike homosexuals

    I support gay marriage but I know that not everyone who is against it dislikes homosexuals. Many churches teach that homosexuality is wrong but they still accept gays as human beings. There is a difference between hating homosexuals as people and disagreeing with them getting married. Some people think that gays should be legally allowed to get married even though they may not approve of it themselves.

  • Ignorance & Hasty Generalizations.

    To say that people who oppose gay marriage also oppose homosexuality is, in my opinion, ignorant. Some people are raised to believe that MARRIAGE is between a man and a woman but accept that fact that a RELATIONSHIP can be between two men or two women. They may not like homosexuals, but you can not hastily generalize these people as "hateful toward homosexuals." Like I said on another's opinion, I can realize that there are polygamists, and I do not hate polygamists, but I would not approve of their marriage because marriage is between two people, regardless of gender.

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