Do people with multiple personalities possess multiple souls?

Asked by: Furyan5
  • Multiple personalities = multiple souls

    It seems unfair to judge a soul by the actions of another person over whom you have no control. Pls do not vote if you dnt believe we have a soul or that multiple personalities is a real desease. Short replies please unless an explanation is asked for. Thank you.

  • I Am One Whom Has This

    I have grown with this and had to deal with it especially after hitting my teens. I believe there are 6 different souls I have. I try to hide this from everyone else, But they can see just how different I am from soul to soul. I have one whom hates everyone and wants to be alone. An other is just angry and likes country type stuff. An other is immature and willing to take risks and likes being a “dude”. An other likes formal stuff and is depressed, He feels older then tome and likes history and renaissance type stuff as well. An other is the soul that “matches the body” so to speak. He is a feminine young man who is gay and likes a lot of things considered girly. The last one is one who is super confident and narcissistic. So yes I think people with multiple personalities have multiple souls in them.

  • They have different memories and come from different countries sometimes!

    If they are so individual, In age, Race and personality, With individual memories, And accents, It would make more sense to me that they inhabit the body, Rather than being constructed by the mind. They believe they look completely different to the host, In height, Hair and eye colour and gender, So why not be souls that have entered the host, And come forward to help out in different situations?

  • Of course they do!

    Think about it. Each personality has experiences, And memories unique only to them, And none of them understand, Or think like the other. On some occasions people have even been known to take on the personality of a deceased person they miss, Or were traumatized by their passing. I believe that they actually bring that person's soul into them somehow. Not to mention some people can play instruments or write a certain way with one personality, But not another. I have known multiple people with this disorder, And I honestly believe there are several souls that inhabit one body. Each fighting for dominance.

  • Twins, Conjoined Twins, and D.I.D. People, all have different spirits

    We have multiple personalities. Of the group, one is a devout Christian who sacrifices all our damn money to random people, and wants us all to be martyred for the faith of Jesus Christ; while another is a violent Sociopath who fantasies about murder almost every day, and another is Shintoist.

  • Assumption is yes

    Due to the fact that complex personalities appear ready-made at an early age I would say yes. However, I've only just come across this phenomenon and need to study more. I can't say anything more than that at present but am required to write at least four, three, two words.

  • They absolutely do

    No to begin with, I am not saying that I, personally, believe that souls exist. However, since they are multiple people, it just kind of makes sense to me that they would, therefore, have multiple souls. After all, it would not make sense to punish someone for the things that someone else did, so each personality, each alter, would be judged on it's own merits.

  • ABSOLUTELY! I have been studying it for the last 55 years.

    1. Each alternate has a completely different life memory and when the memories are check all of the details prove true: Who they were married to, who they were having sex with on the side, what kind of car they drove, who their mechanic was, it goes on and on.
    2. Among the alternates is always a "helper personality"
    3. The vast majority of MPDs suffered abuse at an early age.
    4. The bible states clearly that "You will not be given more than you can bear - a helper spirit will come to you"
    5. When the soul unites with the body it is "sealed" so to speak and other souls can not break that seal.
    6. The "helper" coming in to the body to relieve the original soul the distress, breaks this seal and thus opens the body up to opportunists.
    7. The bible states that we have "free will" We have free will as bodies and free will as souls.
    8. There are some souls who, upon leaving the physical body choose not to go to the light. These souls are usually recently departed from bodies who had addictions like, drugs, alcohol, sex and on and on.
    9. This is why people with multiples quite often have alters who have serious issues.
    10 A psychiatrist treating multiples had a brilliant idea - Having a patient with 6 alternates, called up each in turn, drew a blood sample, sent 7 (6 alters plus the original) off to the lab and when they came back took a look at them, walked across the hall to an associate psychiatrist, laid them on his desk and asked, "Which two of these are the same people" His associate looked at them and replied, "NONE"
    11. Edgar Cayce said that the soul connects to the physical body at the seven ductless glands, through which the soul sets the conditions required by the soul to express in the physical.
    12. 30% of Jesus healings were casting out of unclean spirits.
    13. I could go on.

  • Brain Theory > Soul Theory

    Brain Theory of consciousness is so much more well supported than Soul Theory that there literally isn't even a debate on the subject anymore. The entire field of neuroscience, not to mention most of biology, psychology, anthropology, and more would have to be discarded if Soul Theory were correct. Absolutely no compelling evidence for souls.

  • No evidence of a soul.

    There is no evidence that people even have souls at all and we already know that Dissociative Identity Disorder is a disorder of the brain. I know you said not to answer if we believed that DID/MPD is a disorder but this is one thing that should not be up for discussion. Also this is a debate site and I will post my opinion whenever I please.

  • Single big soul

    I think a soul is a huge thing. Personality is under a soul'a control. Multiple personalities is a disorder, but to have various traits is a different case. Traits are what makes up a personality and a personality is a part of a soul. Either way, multiple personalities or not, I believe there can only be a single soul within an individual.

  • It all goes back one subconscious mind.

    Even if we accept the idea that Disassociate Identity Disorder is a real condition (it probably is not), it is still built on the theory of one person’s subconscious developing a variety of “personalities.” It all goes back to a single soul, a single “conciseness”, which is making the choices.

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