• Yes, we've gone off the deep end with this

    Cleanliness and common sense are important, but there seems to be a national obsession with killing germs. People are dousing their hands with alcohol, a solvent, on a regular basis via waterless antibacterial products. Antibacterial and antiseptic products have value, but they are being used in situations where soap and water are adequate. This is only one example of our fascination with germicide. We have to at least consider the possibility that we may be creating an environment that fosters resistant strains of these organisms.

  • Yes, people worry too much about germs.

    Yes, people worry far too much about germs. This has led to kids not being allowed to do things such as play in the dirt. Kids need to be exposed to everyday germs in order to help build up their immune systems. We are also possibly helping to create super-bugs by using antibacterial products. The bacteria adapts and becomes immune to it over time. And in doing away with bacteria, we're at the same time getting rid of beneficial bacteria that we actually want to live on our bodies.

  • Yes, people scare about germs

    If people not worried about germs, it means that cleanliness isn't important, but it's more
    complicated than most of us thought. There are bad germs, good germs,
    and some that can go either way. The trick is avoiding the bad while
    embracing the good. I think advance health care system make people scary about germs.

  • Germs are not always as bad as people think.

    I do think people worry about germs too much these days. Everything seems to be anti-bacterial, and it is almost like you are supposed to keep children in a totally sterile environment. There is increasing evidence that some exposure to germs is good for our immune systems, and that too few germs in our environment is actually damaging our health.

  • Today's society is made up of germaphobes.

    The germ warfare has gotten out of hand. Society is so concerned about cleanliness that the norm today for most people would be considered Hypochondria 100 years ago. Believe it or not, they have not always had hand sanitizer or the FDA. Humans have at least existed for 6000 years without the need for such precautions until just recently.

  • No, I don't think people worry about germs too much.

    You can never be sure what disease you may catch from touching a un-sanitized surface, many people can't afford to miss work for an extended period of time and many people don't wish to have to be put on medications or regular visits to their doctor, so I think much caution should be paid attention to germs.

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