Do people worry too much about being politically correct?

  • There needs to be a balance

    While it's important to be considerate of differences, PC culture is like a weed, it's out of control and taking over the whole garden (which could represent freedom of speech in this scenario). It's to the point where absolutely everything offends nearly everyone, from Halloween costumes on the left wing to Starbucks cups on the right wing. It's one thing for a black person to be offended by the word "nigger" (even though many of them say "nigga" on a daily basis) or for Muslims to be offended by the term "towel-head" or Hispanics by the word "beaner", but some of the things people are offended by are just so juvenile. I don't support him, but I can't help but notice a big decline in "trigger warnings" and what people have found offensive since Trump was elected :)

  • Western people are getting impersonal and fake

    Being politically correct means that you are suppressing who you really are. That means that people don't get to know you, and you don't get to know them. You know only a manuscript of who you are supposed to be. This drives people into depression and anxiety. People are getting cold and distant, and we loose touch with one another. People get upset because nobody is society is turning sour, and extremist parties get elected because nobody knows the frustration among the common men. All just because peoples opinion are suppressed.

  • It Doesn't matter

    You make the choice to be offended by something, you could choose to ignore it or not care about it. I don't see why we need to provide more reasons for these people to seek attention by letting them stay within their little safe spaces. Grow up, it's time to live in the real world, which isn't so nice and pretty.

  • A bit too much

    Being politically correct to some extent is important to remove the sense of racism and sexism in society. However, too much political correctness is simply a burden and prevents people from seeing the true value of an issue. As an example, some people once wanted to censor the word "nigger" from "To kill a Mockingbird," a book which shows how people reacted to African Americans in the 1930s and the blatant racism during that time. To censor the word "nigger" it would basically not show the full extent of how society was back in the day, a vital lesson that teaches us why we even fight for equality today. To sum it up, not everthing in the world and history is picture perfect and to truly face those problems, sometimes direct language must be used as not everything is idealistic as it seems, as to "soften up" the language just blinds people from seeing the main probpem itself.

  • I disagree and agree with this

    This is a question I nor agree with or disagree with. Sometimes the world can be to PC because people get offended by a joke or an honest opinion. But then people get this mixed up with racism and use PC as an excuse.
    Yeah the world could do with a little less racism but voicing your own opinion is not a bad thing. People have become too sensitive to the fact that not everyone is the same so not everyone can be talked about the same. I’m sitting here about to say a black person gets offended when you call them black. But I’m afraid that if I did say that I would be criticised for saying that about black people and not white people. People think of this as racism but really it’s just the truth and people need to face up to it. There is nothing racist about calling a black person black, it’s when you say “Oh it was him because he is black.” Or something along those lines it becomes racism. This goes for all religions and races too.

  • Why do they care

    I think it is absolutely rediculous how much people care about offending others. Certain people won't even say the Pledge of allegiance correctly anymore. Saying anything about religion is like a sin in the media. I don't know. I think people should care less about offending other because they're aleays gonna offend somebody. You cut religion out of things you offend a good chunk of the country and you don't cut religion out you offend a good chunk of nobody. Don't even get me started on sexism and racism. Everybody just needs to get over everything and grow up.

  • You can't take away my speech

    I can say what I want and people that have moved here have had WAYYYYYYY too strong of an impact on us! We are AMERICA! If you tell me what i cant say you are breaking the first amendment of the constitution. People should be called what they truly are not sugar-coated because it's just a description.

  • I lost my job because I didn't say the right thing at the right time

    I agree wih a previous person your site.
    Many people including the British government seem to be politically scared shitless of Muslims.
    For some strange reason they think themselves special and above the law.
    I am not talking about extreme nutters, just ya average Muslim in the street.
    Apart from my mate YasiYasinWho got beat up buy other Muslims because he had uh white friendlike me

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  • You should have your own thoughts.

    I am watching big brother at the moment (don't judge me), Winston is being vilified for a a comment he made that he doesn't believe in gay couples adopting children. This is his opinion and he is entitled to it, everyone is acting like they are so offended by this comment. I agree with his comments.If most people were totally honest, no one wants to be bought up by two men or two women, and given a choice i can guarantee most would choose a mum and dad.I have absolutely nothing against who anyone chooses to sleep with, but the needs and wants of a child are totally overlooked by the needs of the adults.

  • People of low intelligence

    I have my life affected by this thing called political correctness. I am not politically correct and I have no intentions of letting the minorities of society, try to change the way I think or act.
    Muslis have imposed on our way of life, too much. It is time for you to stand up and say something, you bunch of slugs.

  • The harms of not being politically correct are much greater than the effort expended on being aware, or politically correct.

    Being politically correct does not take an extremely large toll on an individual. In fact, the majority of people actually do act politely in the status quo about other cultures. However, if someone hears something that is not politically correct which could potentially be EXTREMELY offensive, the negative impact on them is severe. The ever-so-slight inconvenience of being politically correct can prevent someone from being deeply, emotionally, and systematically oppressed. It is necessary to realize conversations of sensitive subjects are still going to happen, but they will be at a degree where they are tolerant, rather than ignorant.

  • I believe it is better to be overly aware of political correctness than not aware at all.

    I believe the few times that political correctness has been overdone are much less harmful than the millions of times it has not been used at all.

    Posted by: Bratzky
  • Being politically correct is part of showing respect for society and the differences between people.

    Everyone has been told that they're being "too politically correct", but they're often just being polite. While in mixed company, it's best not to possibly offend or alienate other people. Not insulting others due to their race, sexuality or heritage is important. A crass joke is occasionally acceptable, but it's possible to make jokes without being derogatory.

    Posted by: R4yCher
  • Political correctness, as such, does not require much effort, and shapes our thought and culture in a constructive direction, although it's only a first step.

    Political correctness can be understood simply as an application of the idea of courtesy, and as such, seems worth the effort it requires. After all, would we say that most people worry too much about being courteous? Hardly, because our lives work better when we treat each other with respect. Careful use of language isn't enough, by itself, to achieve equality, and an ongoing respect for diversity in our multicultural society. Changes in public policy, in media, and in our lifestyles are needed to make men and women and people of different ethnic backgrounds, religions, and other demographic distinctions more equal. But language shapes the way we look at the world, and is a good everyday step toward a more inclusive community. Policing language can admittedly become obsessive and counterproductive, if it isn't accompanied by humor, goodwill, and a sense of perspective. However, none of these negate the basic value of the PC concept.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • It seems to me that there are far too few people thinking about being politically correct.

    When I hear people like Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk radio hosts and others, and when I hear those who agree with them, I begin to think that civil discourse is dead in this nation. There is such hostility spouted from the mouths of these people who only want to get people upset enough to continue listening until the next commercial. I wish that people were more civil with each other. There is frankly a place for political correctness; it is not so much believing in a certain thing but at least being kind in one's speech no matter what a person believes in. There is no room for bad-mouthing people on the basis of race, religious tradition, color, sex, orientation, disability, or anything else except one's conduct. It is frankly cruel, lacking in compassion, rude, and in poor taste to do so.

    Posted by: SportyHart
  • I do not agree that people worry excessively about being politically correct because we are sliding back into acceptance of various types of off-color humor.

    I think that President Obama's recent use of the phrase "whose ass to kick" is representative of a trend in language that is making our society less polite in all areas. While part of me wants to think that our acceptance of racial jokes and assorted "politically incorrect" language is evidence that our society is beyond caring about race, I think that our recent acceptance of crudeness is more a representation of the lowering of language standards across all areas of society.

    Posted by: Shim2free
  • Political correctness is an important part of our society.

    Political correctness is a measure of the equality in our society. Political correctness is a sign of the recognition of the trials of minorities and helps us understand their plight so that we may be more empathetic to their situation. Political correctness leads the way to societal change. It is important to understand others positions, which helps us change our priorities.

    Posted by: R43Shep
  • The majority of people don't worry about being politically correct as they continue to believe perpetuated stereotypes.

    Most people would understand that the "N" word is offensive, but making a joke about immigration or portraying Muslims as terrorists might get a laugh out of a good few people. Most people don't know, and don't care that certain things are racist, sexist or homophobic, or just generally politically incorrect. Part of the irony in art and shock humor in TV shows and movies (that often make fun of racism) are often taken literally by people of low intelligence, and that creates even more problems.

    Posted by: R053Neddy

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