Do personal electronics do more harm than good to social interactions?

  • They do more harm than good

    I think that personal electronics do more harm than good when it comes to social interactions. I think that the electronics have gotten in the way of people talking to each other, and instead people are more interested in texting or checking Facebook than having a human conversation with someone else.

  • Yes, they are harmful to interacting with other people face to face.

    While using electronics to stay in touch with friends on social media is a good thing in one regard, it has damaged face to face interactions. Often, our attention is split between the interaction with the person that we are talking to and Facebook or Instagram or other social media apps on the phone. We end up reading about friends who aren't even in the room.

  • If Person A. Is talking to Person B. And Person A. Suddenly pulls out their phone and starts texting.

    This breaks the creation of a conversation, so this is bad. Very bad. Since Person A. Now can't talk to Person B, there is no more conversation. The phone picks up all of Person A's attention. Then Person A can't really converse with Person B or listen to Person A.

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