Do Photoshopped Images Make You Feel Bad About Your Own Looks?

  • Yes it does make me feel bad

    Because i am a really ugly girl
    and no one wants to be my friend nor they want to date me
    because i am the ugly from all my friends and then they all want to date my friends but don't wanna date me i think i am just going to kill myself help !!!!1

  • Young Teenage Girls Don't Always Know It's Photoshopped

    With the minds of young girls today, they don't always know that the magazines are photoshopped. These women in the magazines are famous. Young girls want to be like them. When someone is put into a magazine as a model, they are being made the socially acceptable image. The look to vie for is drawn from these women. So, yes. It makes you feel bad because we all want to look like those women and if that's what's being promoted then that's the look we want because it's being publicized as desirable.

  • There should not be an photo shopped pictures

    I think it not fair for people. With disorder to look at the picture and think of them self as fat. People need to be considered others. Every one looks different . Every one should stay like that. Different is good. I like different. People pay attention more to gaining fat then actual diseases.

  • We are constantly being influenced by media

    Women see over 600 photoshopped images today. In society women are constantly being judged for how their body looks. There is a video gone viral of someone who photo shopped a slice of pizza into a very attractive woman. This proves that anything can be altered to practically anything anyone wants. Why should women constantly judge themselves on technically altered images?

  • Photoshopped images make you feel bad about yourself

    Media affects girls and boys more ways then they realize, More they perceive Photoshop media images as attainable and real, lowering their body satisfaction, Guys also have the same issue except they want to be more muscular and buff. Photoshopped images lower your self-esteem. The unrealistic and unattainable images can have damaging and dangerous affects. Like for example boys feel the need to take steriods and girls feel the need to purge(throw up after eating) and take diet pills.

  • Photoshopped Images Create Beauty Complexes

    Photoshopped images present an idealized photograph of a woman or man. Tiny imperfections, such as a facial blemish, reddened skin, or lipstick smears are removed with the click of a mouse. This is especially true of most celebrity photos seen by the public. As a result, impressionable people begin to believe that some people have perfect beauty.

  • Photoshopping makes you feel bad

    Looking at a photoshopped image of yourself is only going to make you feel worse, like you have to change to make others satisfied. The only person who can judge you is yourself. If you don't like the way your body looks than change it. Don't manipulate a photo to make you feel better about yourself because trust me, it doesn't.

  • It changes what girls think about their looks.

    Girls look at magazines and see models looking all pretty and skinny and clear faced. Most of the time it isn't real, they are photo shopped but we don't think about that all we think about is that we should look like them and that we look fat and ugly, but the truth is we aren't. They shouldn't Photoshop those pictures so much because it messes with peoples minds.

  • Yes because it makes people think

    Photo shopped images make people feel bad about themselves because people dont always know its photo shopped and it start to make teens mostly feel bad about themselves and its not far to the people who already feel bad about themselves and then having photo shopped images make them feel worse :(

  • Photoshopped images are bad.

    Photoshopped images make girl’s compare themselves to others. According to an article by NY Times, “Or it can be drastic — shedding 10 or 20 pounds, adding a few inches in height and erasing all wrinkles and blemishes, done using Adobe’s Photoshop software, the photo retoucher’s magic wand” (paragraph 3). Making adjustments to model’s body’s, hair, or even skin can make girl’s feel like they have to be that perfect.

  • No it does not

    The reason is that if you actually know what it is it means that they are fake and they are just to make the person look better or great. You should not feel bad knowing its a fake photo about a famous person. This is why you do not need to feel bad about your look

  • I've learned to look past it.

    I just remember they are photoshopped and that my flaws are beautiful and now I feel like I'm the prettiest girl in the world. Adorable pretty too. Not sexy pretty. As a teenager I don't want to feel like everyone is looking at me imagining me naked. I don't want to be one of those girls who have sex with every man they meet because they feel it's their job with big boobs.

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