• They need a home of their own.

    Pit bull's need a home for their own. All dog's should have the right to be loved. Just like other dogs. Just because they have a lock jaw. Doesn't mean they will bite you. I've seen all dog's bite someone doesn't mean your going to band all dog's. They deserve more than what they are being treated.

  • Animals Cannot Adhere to Laws

    Giving animals the right to be left alone, is giving animals rights. Animals though, can not be held accountable for any other laws, so in giving them the right to be left alone, then that would mean that other rights must be adhered to by the creatures also. If an animal can not read or communicate in our language how can we the people expect them to adhere to laws? Therefore, giving them the right to be left alone can not be rationalized.

    Posted by: Nicc

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