Do Playboy Magazine's idealized images of women distort men's expectations?

  • Playboy is a myth

    Playboy doesn't exist, it's a fake upfront of what a real woman. It distorts the original created woman and puts out an image that isn't real in real life. It targets the males mind to simply CORRUPT it so that they leave their true love, the love of their life, their beautiful spouse and search for something that is fake and not real. It is an illusion. The playboy organization is a empire built entirety on complete none sense nude pictures using a woman's body and nakedness, how shameful and incompetent is such an organization. PLAYBOY IS A FREAKING MYHT! The models they use don't exist as portrayed in real life. They are just as broke as every body but are using their bodies for cash so they can survive. Man are targeted because man are the foundation of the family and the nation, when the men falls the family and a beautiful nation falls. Beware man, they are targeting you so you can live the best woman in the world who is found in your homes, cooking, doing your laundry everyday, she is real, not the superficial fake dolls of playboy.

  • Playboy Magazine Distorts Expectations

    Yes, Playboy Magazine's idealized images of women distort men's expectations. Playboy Magazine presents an idealized vision of the female form that can only rarely be acheived in real life. When it is acheived, it is usually done so through make-up and surgery. Since these images are not real, they can easily distort a man's vision of what a woman should be.

  • Yes, PlayBoy Magazine Distorts Men's Expectations by Idealizing Women

    Yes, PlayBoy Magazine distorts men's expectations of what a woman should actually look like. Women who grace the covers and inside of this magazine are often already sculpted to perfection through surgery. This magazine presents men with women who are nipped, tucked, augmented, and dyed and then photoshopped to make their already nearly perfect proportions flawless. Women in real life don't look like this. Even the models don't look like this outside of the magazine. Men grow accustomed to seeing these stunning women and then expect to see the same in day-to-day life, but these women do not actually exist.

  • No, I do not think so.

    I don't think men's expectations are distorted by Playboy's pictures of women. I think men open a Playboy magazine for viewing pleasure. I think they fully realize that they have taken a step away from the real world when they open that magazine. I do not believe the images in Playboy affect the expectations of normal adult men, but it is a pleasurable escape for them.

  • Men have always had distorted expectations.

    No, Playboy Magazine's idealized images of women do not distort men's expectations, because men have always had very unrealistic expectations of women. Even when the men are very physically unattractive, they still believe that they are somehow worthy of a woman who is gorgeous. That is not Playboy's fault. It is man's fault in general.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe Playboy Magazine's idealized images of women distort men's expectations. I believe these women and the photographs they produce should be seen for the rare beauties that they are, they're not common and that's the purpose of the magazine. I believe men are keenly aware of this.

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