Do plea bargains for more lenient sentences increase (yes) or decrease (no) crime?

  • I think that plea bargains for more lenient sentences really tend to increase crime.

    I think that plea bargains for more lenient sentences really
    tend to increase crime. Criminals know
    that there is a good chance that they will be able to sign a plea deal and do a
    lot less time. This makes them commit
    even more crimes because they are not scared.

  • Plea Bargains Increase Crime

    I believe plea bargains for more lenient sentences increase crime. Within my community our law enforcement works to round up drug offenders (heroine, crack, etc), they then usher them into court where they are handed down tough sentences that are then changed in drug court and they are allowed back on the street after only serving about 10% of their sentence. These people continue down their paths of crime because for one, they aren't being punished enough to realize that a few months in prison is bad, its not bad for them, its a place to live.

  • No, they probably decrease crime or make no difference.

    If someone commits a crime and then can lead the officials to other perpetrators, then that is probably a good thing and that criminal getting a lighter sentence is going to bring others to justice. This may or may not decrease crime, but it does not seem as if it is going to increase it.

  • Unfortunately this is a misleading Vote.

    The act of voting no is not a confession to be harder on inmates. It is a response to pleas making anything better or worse. Crime happens. Crime is not crime until a law mandates it to be. So, a law is made. Does that said crime stop? No, in other words, anything that occurs after the crime and conviction is irrelevant to the slowing or stopping of that crime. The crime, by that individual that is plea bargaining, has already been committed. But this does not mean the individual is actually guilty or innocent. And so the plea bargain is merely that human trying desperately to diminish the final negative outcome, which is another entirely different topic.

  • No, they probably decrease crime.

    If someone can come forward and admit being an accomplice to a criminal action but be able to negotiate a lenient sentence because of information provided, then this may very well deter future crimes. It is probably wise to allow this type of plea bargaining to happen so that information is received.

  • No, descrease time .

    I would think making a plea would decrease the crime because one it shows the person is willing to admit they were wrong and two it shows they are ready to face punishment and accept that they were wrong in what they did. It leaves room for them to get better.

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