• Statistics don't lie

    Forget about individual cases, as they can illustrate the point but don't indicate a systemic problem. But when you consider the number of African Americans pulled over, arrested, incarcerated, subject to invasive searches, then you start to see the systemic problems. African Americans are way overrepresented in police interactions, and that is a problem.

  • Yes police officers unfairly target African Americans

    Whether we like it or not, racial bias is very common in the American and other societies in the world. Police officers, like other regular Americans, grow up with these biases and then carry them into their jobs. The African Americans are many a times victims of personal biases even without conscious racial profiling on part of police officers.

  • Yes, police officers unfairly target black individuals.

    Yes, police officers unfairly target black individuals. It is important to make it clear that this does not mean that every single police officer is responsible for this discrimination; it is, indeed, a small portion of the law enforcement population that holds this prejudice against those of different skin tone. Furthermore, it is equally important to make it clear that designing an "us vs. them" serves in no one's interests. Punishing those who demonstrate unfair bias in their occupation would battle this issue far more effectively than sowing distrust between two groups of people.

  • Occasionally Yes, Occasionally No

    In some cases, sure. Sometimes police unfairly target black people. In other cases, this profiling can actually prevent crimes, or allow police to apprehend criminals. It all just boils down to the individual circumstances. Officer integrity is extremely important, but if you are going to hold officers to a certain standard, then you must also acknowledge that America has a massive criminal culture, supported by a an even more massive anti-cop culture.

  • Only Prejudiced Police Officers

    If by this you mean "do police officers ever unfairly target African Americans", than of course they do, just like they may target any other ethnic or racial group. The reason discrimination exists in police departments today is surprisingly not very institutionalized, though it does have a legacy of institutionalized racist policies rooted in the past. If a police officer targets anybody, it is the sad result of their own bias. But that being said, there are many respectable police officers with no prejudice that don't deserve to be called racially biased. So just because a few police officers hold prejudices in our legal system, it doesn't mean we should discriminate against police officers. Instead, we should do all we can as a whole to better society, and rid it of prejudice and bias so such things no longer happen.

  • I agree yo

    The police shoot african americans all the time! People try and oppose this, but read the paper or watch the news. Every headline is:
    "Black man shot"
    "Black man beaten"
    "Black man arrested for nothing besides being black"

    You see what I mean!!!! These officers(not all of them) are biased towards the whites and judge minorities by their skin color!

  • Police Stations don't only employ white officers

    Most police departments will have several African American officers, or at least one. Cops don't try to discriminate they just do their job and help protect our country, or your town. Officers don't discriminate, they appreciate and save. Cops help our world stay safe and never would try to hurt someone because of their race.

  • Officers will react accordingly

    Regardless of race officers will deal with the treat, whether the suspect is African American, Asian, Hispanic, or Caucasian. Officers are trained to assess a treat and deal with it in a manner that is effective and professional, however some individual refuse to accept that and have a negative bias towards the officer(s) from the beginning of the encounter. Unfortunately that is often misidentified as a form of racism. In the wake of recent events due to media jumping for joy every-time an officer shoots an "unarmed" African American. Nevertheless media helps perpetuate this"Racist" police mentality.

  • There are some, but it is not because they are a police officer.

    What my headline is saying is that its not the fact they are a police officer, it is the fact that whomever does it is prejudice. Being a police officer does not mean you are prejudice towards whomever. Remember Police officers arent just white. So thus any idea of statistics of incarceration ect is void out of the fact cops of the same race are arresting whatever ethnic group you name. Those Statisitics just prove that whatever ethnic group does whatever amount of crime. Im sorry to say but African Americans just get caught more. Its not racist in saying that is just based on statisics that it happens.

  • No, but they are guilty of not making good decisions

    I think being a police officer is a very difficult job. I don't think they unfairly target African Americans, but I do think they are guilty of making some very poor decisions. Police officers need to make sure they assess a situation prior to acting. It has become an issue where they seem to be using force first. That is a problem.

  • It mater on the cops

    But if the race is the same the treat them hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue

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