• I don't know

    I am not whole-heartedly agreeing, because I don't know stats on inmate deaths. I'm not naive either, and I'm sure there are officers who abuse inmates and that the abuse can result in death. There are good people and bad who work in law enforcement. There are also decent inmates - for example those who broke out of their cells to save a guards life. So yes, there is definitely abuse, and yes I'm sure that there are a fair number of officers who do get away with it.

  • Sadly, the system is set up to protect them, even when they make mistakes.

    For far too long the public has turned a blind eye to misconduct in law enforcement. Politicians preach being tough on crime, and this leads to abuse in the jail system from people who are effectively above the law. What type of example does this set to the people who are supposedly being rehabilitated? That you can can be a bully and get away with it, as long as you have the right people behind you?

  • Yes, they do.

    People do not care about inmates unless they are one or someone they know is an inmate. They is allows in food numbers of abuses to go on in prisons. Often murders by officers are covered up as accidental deaths or as suicides. This is much more common than many people think.

  • Police brutality extends to prisons

    Headlines abound detailing how police officers are able to get away with the shooting of unarmed black men. However, police brutality is not merely limited to violence on the streets. There are equally numerous reports of similar kinds of abuse that occur behind prison walls, just because prison oversight tends to favor guards and police officers instead of the inmates they house.

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