Do police officers get paid enough to put their lives on the line daily?

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  • Yes, I think that they get paid enough.

    Yes, I think that officers get paid enough to put their lives on the line daily. All police officers that I know are living well and happily with their families and that's all that should matter. They do not need all the money in the world. No one does really.

  • If they did there job right

    Also San Fransico cops get a average 99K a year, they need to be making the goverment worker average salary that's all, they work in the public sector not the private sector

    If they want higher hazard pay join the private sector

    This is just to take up space, one more word

  • Police officers are not badly paid.

    Police could be paid a lot more, but their pay is not a big issue now. There is, after all, no amount of money that would adequately compensate officers for being shot at. You could say they deserve any amount of money, but then no one could afford them. We face a similar issue when deciding what to pay armed forces.

  • underpriced police officers

    Imagine yourself in the shoes of a police officer, you go through abuses in the street and also from your seniors. Yet you chase away or put them behind bars whoever tries to abuses their rights. You fight to keep others safe knowing all it takes is a single bullet or a fetal blow. These officers hence should be paid more, also to motivate them.

  • They need more pay!!!

    They risk their lives EVERY SINGLE DAY and they get payed like MINIMUM WAGE! How in the WORLD is that fair?!? How would you like it if you risked your life for 7$? That isn't fair please pay them more! They deserve it! Thank you for reading this! POLICE RULE!!!

  • No, I do not believe that police officers get paid enough.

    I do not believe that police officers get paid enough to put their lives on the line daily. Although police officers sometimes get a bad reputation, they perform vital community service by keeping our communities safe. Other professionals that encounter danger in the workplace qualify for a higher hazard pay bonus and police officers should be no different.

  • Not saying law enforcement needs more pay

    But rather politicians need less. Politicians located in Washington do little in the way of actually helping people and they stay in office way too long. They get triple digits and barely work. So maybe police need more pay, but certainly most Washington politicians need to either start doing more or get paid less. When we get spending under control, then it would be right to pay public servants more wages. But not with such a huge debt.

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