• Police treat blacks poorly

    Police have shot and killed 990 people and 258 of them were black. This is proof that they treat us harshly. If a white man got pulled over for speeding and didn't have his id because he left it at work, and he looked through his glove compartment and through his car he would be left with a warning. If a black person did that he would be shot and killed

  • DOJ has had studies that say yes (in some cases!)

    While I do believe that most good policemen (or women) are trying to do their best for all people and attempt to minimize any discrimination and take action against those that do not.

    That is not the case in places where the system itself has become corrupted. Places like Chicago where the police engage in systemic violence, abuse, and discrimination.

    I believe that it depends on if you have a corrupt cop, and more importantly a corrupt system that either ignores or encourages the problem. I think that outside of corrupt systems the bad cops will be dismissed and few people will be discriminated against.

  • Yes, is some cases, police probably do treat black people more harshly

    Yes, is some cases, police probably do treat black people more harshly. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of stereotypes and racism in our country. Those factors seem to affect some officers more than others and lead them to feel black people are more likely guilty, less trustworthy, and able to withstand harsher treatment.

  • Yes, they do.

    Polls agree Blacks treat Whites differently. Jews treat Muslims differently. Russians treat Ukranians differently. Taliban treats women differently. ISIS treats mankind differently. And so on ad infinitum. I think some of the reason cops act differently to blacks it is due to having to work in black areas where black on black violence is the norm. Where there are black gang bangers fighting over drugs and territories. Due, to this blacks are getting the rep of being violent, even though most of them aren't.

  • There are studies.

    There are studies that show that people who are in law enforcement discriminate against black people all the time. They choose to pick on these people knowing that the courts just believe them no matter what because they have the power of the badge. Sadly they are right most of the time.

  • NO, police never treat black people differantly

    They do not. All the liberals are trying to make all the cops and republicans look racist to make them selves look better. Then a lot of people get killed when a cop kills a black man, even if the man was doing harm. For example, this one black tried to steal a cops gun after a heist, then the cop got to it first then killed him, then everyone freaked out.

  • No, they don't.

    There has been a lot of cases in the recent past where police have been accused of mistreating black people, and in some cases amateur videos availed to show the incidences. However, a blanket condemnation is wrong because there are police who carry out their duties with a lot of professionalism in the midst of rogues offices.

  • They actually treat more white people unfairly, but I don't see white people going out and protesting

    Black Lives Matter is a stupid activist movement.

    According to an FBI homicide report, FBI statistics throughout the year, and other scientific studies like the pew research center and the CDC, and Dr. Richard Johnson at the University of Toledo

    Based on 2012 numbers, it would take 40 years worth of blacks killed by police to equal the total number of blacks murdered by other blacks in a single year.
    Less than 400 people a year are killed by cops and 61% are white men, 32% are black males,
    black men are not killed out of disproportionate when you consider them much more likely to interact with police
    An unarmed Black men being killed by a white officer is more rare than a black man being struck by lightning (kachow)
    Black males are 58% of those killed legally by private citizens in self defense and black lives matter activists will say something like “aha we’ve got you on something” except 75% were killed by other blacks
    FBI statistics lay bare the real threat to black lives in America that is other blacks
    Black men are 6.5 percent of the US population but they commit 52% of all murders
    Black men overwhelmingly murder other black men as white men murder other white men, this isn’t really a racial as much as it is a freaking own race issue
    Looking at overall violent crime blacks are 27% more likely to attack whites than whites are to attack blacks and 8 times more likely to attack hispanics

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FajerBu50 says2017-01-27T09:25:30.903
Just a thought, specify what region of the world you are speaking of. In Asia and the middle east for example. Racism didn't and doesn't exist based on skin color.