• Informs the Masses

    Let's be honest: how many voters of the general public really put forth a consistent effort for every election to do their own unbiased research on the candidates? I know I don't have that kind of time. So, I - like many others - depend on political ads to keep me informed. What should be important though is to read into these 30 to 90 second ads and focus on the positive ones that seem truthful, rather than the slanderous negative ads.

  • Propaganda at its best

    While all ads in general have different levels of influence, political ads are very effective and influential no matter what party or platform they are for. Political ads get people thinking and feeling different things about politics, whether it be the upcoming major election or smaller elections. Although they influence people, political ads alone do not have the power to guarantee any certain party or candidate the political vote or support.

  • Yes

    Several lines of logic will lead us to believe this. First, if they didn't work, candidates would not spend millions on them. Second, a number of studies have shown that people listen to the ads, if at least to spark their curiosity to look into something further. There have also been studies done that show negative ads actually contain more information than positive ads.

  • Brings more negativity

    They don't do any good. Bashing another person just shows your character. It also shows that you need to bring someone else down to lift yourself up. America doesn't need this on their televisions. The money could be better spent. Spend the 30 seconds informing everyone as to what good you are going to do if elected.

  • No, they're just annoying

    Political ads are a waste of time and money from all parties involved. I have never once watched a political ad and decided to change my vote for the guy because of it. Debates and actions are what I go by when making political decisions, not a 30 second to one minute political commercial. That's usually when I step away from the tv.

    Posted by: jus
  • Just Ask Mitt Romney

    All of the political ad buys in the world didn't hand Mitt Romney the presidency. Political advertisements don't work in general--principled leadership and substantial debates are better gauges of how voters should decide elections. Political ads only have so little time to engage voters. When smart voters do their research, the truth comes out in this ever-connected digital world.

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