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  • It's called rule of law.

    Rule of law means everyone has to follow the laws, and that includes political leaders. No one should make laws that they are unwilling to follow themselves. That includes taxes. I can not think of any logical reason politicians should be exempt. It is simply not right. Who supports this?

  • Political leaders are subject to the same laws as everyone else.

    Everyone else in America is subject to taxes. Political leaders are supposed to serve the people in an official government capacity, and by taking on an American job, their wages should be subject to taxes just like everyone else. They should also be taxed more heavily when they are ineffective at their jobs, if not let go completely. Normal jobs when people are ineffective they get fired.

  • No, if they want the taxes so badly, they should pay them too.

    Political leaders are directly involved in making laws and setting tax rates. They also earn much higher salaries than the average citizen. If they support a tax increase, they should pay it. It would also discourage political leaders from raising rates for ridiculous reasons. With such high pay, it will not harm their bank accounts much. Also, our troops have to pay taxes. If anyone should be excluded, it should be our troops.

  • No, political leaders do not have the right to exclude themselves from taxes.

    In my opinion, it is absolutely wrong in every sense for political leaders to be exempt from paying any tax that any other citizen incurs. My belief is that taxes are already quite "a hard pill to swallow" without knowing that those who impose them on us do not have to pay them.

  • No, political leaders should not be able to exclude themselves from taxes.

    No, political leaders should not be able to exclude themselves from taxes. Taxes are in place to support the public, and they are paid for by the public. Every citizen of the country should have to pay into the system. There should be no workaround for those that are able to pay taxes. It should not matter what position a person is in.

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