Do political parties do more harm than good?

Asked by: libbyr
  • All they do is argue

    When the presidency and the house are divided it becomes a political stalemate and nothing gets done, we'd be better off not having parties and having one big system where there are no two parties. Even George Washington, one of our founding fathers, was against the Idea of a two party system.

  • They Limit Election Options

    In my opinion political parties limit election options brcause there is almost always only two major parties, and politicians only get elected from there. There is nothing to prevent people from gathering with like minded people, but keep parties out of elections. One last thing is George Washington warned against the "spirit of the party," in his farewell address.

  • Separates the US

    Long ago, George Washington said there should not be parties because it would divide America. And he was exactly right! We should stand as one, united force instead of separate into parties and fight against ourselves. Republicans and democrats constantly fight against themselves when we really should stand as one and solve our problems. Wasn't that the premise of America?

  • Its the presidential system, not the political parties

    The combination of a head of state (symbol of the country) and the head of govt (chief administrator and actual executive) is what is causing issues in the States. America is the only country that utilizes the presidential system that has not reverted to a dictatorship, which can arise due to legislative gridlock or a populist president. Political parties allow for a common ideology to be present in the legislature. Without it, we must exhaustively study every single candidate to figure out what they stand for compared to another. This can cause confusion and too much work, rendering less people going to vote. The US has only two viable parties due to plurality voting. In other words, a candidate can win with less than the majority of citizens in a district as long as he has more votes than the other guy. Parliamentary systems that use a proportional representation (30% of the vote for party A gives party A 30% of the seats in the legislature) are more democratic and represent the people a lot better than a two-party system that only has to beat the other guy and not get a majority.

  • No Parties are needed for Order

    Without political parties we become common minded, and with this less thoughts on certain aspects will occur. Factions are needed within a democracy which is stated in Federalist Paper 10, which states that views must differ for progress to occur. Also for a Democracy to prevail a Representative government is needed, and with a Representative gov the views of people will not always be the same and whether you want it to or not parties and factions will occur. So in all Parties are needed for political advancement even though it may seem that they cause more harm than good at times.

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