Do politicians in Washington believe that only the wealthy elite can manage the nation?

  • Yes, it seems politicians think the elite are the leaders.

    It does seem that Washington D.C. is mostly made up of politicians that come from elite backgrounds, and that politicians take pride in graduating from Ivy League schools, and other privileges. It would be difficult for an average person to make it in politics, due to the fact that running for office is so expensive. That being said, those who are in office are there not as leaders, but as representatives. And those that do not adequately represent the common man can and will be replaced.

  • Yes, they look down on poor

    Politicians in Washington and many wealthy elite all over the United States believe that only the wealthy elite can manage a country. Most believe that people who have lived or currently live in poverty or middle class families can not manage finances which automatically means, in their opinions, that they also can not manage a nation. They always have, and always will, look down on lower classes.

  • The wealthy elite tend to equate wealth and intelligence.

    The wealthy elite tend to equate wealth and intelligence, which leads to opinions that they are more qualified that the majority of citizens when it comes to leadership roles. The flaw in this logic, though, is that "smart" and "intelligent" are not one in the same. It's completely possible to be "smart" with money without being particularly intelligent.

  • But they should.

    Who should rule the nation instead: the poor and untalented. I believe everyone is equal. The interests of everyone should be protected. But how best to do it. The masses, made up of those who vote solely on what's best for them. Or those who through lack of training or education don't understand the ramifications. Who would you have in charge of your finances, just some guy or an accountant, knowlegde helps

  • They Let Them Manage

    I believe the politicians in Washington allow the wealthy elite manage the nation because that is what benefits them most. Rather than listen to the majority, they enjoy the kick backs associated with giving their opinions away, so that they can become a puppet for the wealthy elite. I don't think they do this because they don't think others can do it, I think they do it because it is more lucrative.

  • A qualified no.

    To begin with, most politicians are simply in it to take bribes and have no strong convictions in either direction. And then theres the mitt rob-me's that have been very vocal about their faith in the plutocracy. Those that dont fit into either category are still under legal obligation to do the bidding of their plutocratic campaign sponsors.

    That having been said, it still doesnt mean that every politician is pro-plutocratic.

  • I Don't Believe So

    I do not believe the politicians in Washington feel as though only the wealthy elite can mange the nation. I believe the politicians feel and know that the only way to get elected to such offices is with a plethora of money, donations, and power. I don't think they deny the ability of regular people containing the ability to run the nation, they just know we don't have the funds to get there.

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