Do poor people tend to know each other in more intimate ways than people in other tax brackets?

  • Poor people have more time than other people

    The people in the other brackets have jobs to go to, bills to pay and might even afford some extra for their own amusement.
    The poor people on the other hand dont have much to occupy their time and in results, they talk to each other more, visit each other often especially to share food and shelter.
    Take children for instance, poor children do not have the money to buy toys and will tend to gather and play together sharing the few toys around and creating games that do not need any resources but their innovations.
    Poor people spend more quality time intimately and share more love than their counterparts in the upper brackets who can afford to money-wise but not time-wise.

  • Poor people tend to stick together and have closer relationships.

    I do believe that poor people know each other in more intimate ways than others in different tax brackets. When you grow up in an environment where you lack a lot of things necessary to survive, you tend to learn how to obtain those things from others. You are more likely to form closer relationships with people and maintain them because you want that support and extra help. Knowing people more intimately will help when you need to ask for something because you need help. People are more willing to do you a favor if they know you on a deeper level. When you have everything and don't need to depend on anyone for anything it's not really that important what kind of relationship you have with them. However, for those who don't have much, building strong relationships with others is a vital part of surviving.

  • Yes, poor people tend to know each other more than others in a different tax brackets.

    Most poor people tend to live in areas where they live more closely together than richer people. Those who earn more are likely to live in secluded buildings with high fences. They are also less likely to know who lives in the next building or apartment since they do not need their help. On the other hand poor people live in small houses and relate better. They support each other in times of need and therefore, engage themselves in more intimate relationships with others like them.

  • I dont think this is yes or no question.

    Its all dependent on the situation. I grew up poor yet hardly knew the neighborhood around me. When you factor in experiences in ones life including income you'd find a diverse array of life stories appear with no clean cut answer. Now i wonder if you're asking if poor people are more promiscuous with one another than the other tax brackets are.

  • No, I don't think you can proove poor people know each better because they are in the same tax bracket

    When you are poor or rich, you tend to communicate with those that share your environment. Perhaps the assumption is that poor people know each other more because of their plight and therefore the sentiment seems more intimate. In truth, rich people could have been poor and share in the same plight as others that didn't grown up with their riches, but in the end we tend to associate ourselves with people who are carrying the same weight and that usually has nothing to do with another person's income bracket.

  • Knowing Each Other Is Not in Relevance With the Personal Wealth

    Socialising, personal communication skills or to know a person in more intimate way has nothing to do with the wealth status. After all wealthy people are not less communicative or tend to go with friends in less often. More importantly is to give the poor the means and the jobs and to relieve their situation. That`s what is utmost.

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