• Pop stars set a bad example.

    Pop stars set a bad example. I think it’s extremely hard for a pop star to
    be a good role model. Pop stars have to
    pull publicity stunts or have a bad girl or bad boy image in order to sell
    records. This is good for business, but
    bad for a role model.

  • Yes, pop stars are not good role models.

    Pop stars often claim that they are not role models. However, they don't get to decide who children look up--children decide that. And any celebrity should automatically assume that there are children who look up to them. Children learn through emulation and seeing what appears to be normal. When they hear about pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber doing certain activities, from drugs to visiting brothels, it's possible they will then assume these are normal behaviors, and this will effect them over time. But the media plays a role, too. Celebrities' lives weren't always so exposed as they are today, so the media could be more selective in what it chooses to report about pop stars.

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  • I say no because we aren't children to not know shit.

    No pop stars are not setting a bad example. They are just artist is not like we go around doing what ever an artist does. We know right from wrong, and if they do bad things let them but doesn't mean we are gonna do it as well. My opion

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