• Yes, post-bailout banks should require new rules

    Yes, I believe post-bailout banks should require new rules. It is absolutely necessary to set up a system of rules so that we can avoid economic meltdowns like that of 2007. Banks were approving sub-prime loans that they had no business approving, and they knew that these individuals would default on the loan, but they did it anyway because they were guaranteed a fat payday at the end of the day. It's instances like these that show why we need to have strict regulations for these banks, post-bailout.

  • Yes post bailout banks should have new rules

    Why should they be allowed to pull the same garbage they did before the first bailout, and force us to be stuck with the bill a second time? They shouldn't be. They should be definitely held to a new standard now, and if they fail it, they should be forced to shut down for good. We should not have to be held responsible for their screws up again, it is unacceptable. So absolutely do I think any post bailout banks should have new rules, they got their second chance, and they shouldn't get another.

  • Yes, it would be ridiculous not to.

    If the banks are failing and costing tax payers money, then they absolutely need more monitoring if not many more regulations. Why would we allow the same rules which let banks ruin themselves remain in place? At the very least we need a rule saying that we will not bail out banks that make these horrible decisions ever again.

  • Definitely.

    Banks got this way because they were "too big to fail" and that cannot be allowed to happen again. They have to know that they can't simply behave recklessly and expect a bailout when they fail. Of course, they have strong lobbyists, so getting real reform will be an uphill battle, but I believe after the current financial crisis the public is behind actual reform.

  • Yes - keep them from causing more problems

    Post-bailout banks need to be reigned in before they get us into another mess. Clearly deregulation didn’t work, and banks are not keeping themselves in line when they invest our savings, retirement funds and charity donations. If it means that bankers make less money, then so be it. It is more important to keep the American fiscal system stable than it is for banking to be hugely profitable.

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