Do prisoners have too many comforts, such as cable and internet, while incarcerated?

  • Ridiculous

    My husband is in prison possibly for life. From what he's told me, even the sex offenders are allowed to have pornography if they request it. The very thing that got many of them started down the road to crime in the first place. They can have pen pals and take advantage of women on the outside to get money, visits, and even a place to go when released. The food is nothing to brag about, the beds are awful, the heat is off many times in the winter ... but they can have television, porn, read books on murder and rape, and be allowed to have contact with strangers. It is really messed up.

  • Cable and Internet are Luxuries

    Those in prison should be treated fairly. But seriously, you don't need cable or internet to survive. My grandmother has fewer amenities in her nursing home, a place where you should feel comfortable. Not having cable/internet isn't a punishment; having it is a luxury. The money that is used for that should be spent on their protection instead. Many people get out of prison only to be trapped in a life of crime to pay off the debts they accrued trying to stay alive. I thinking keeping prisoners from being raped and murdered should be considered more important than having a fricking television.

  • Yes

    It costs $24,000 to support a prisoner behind bars, yet the US poverty line for a family of 4 is only $23,050. Food in prison is actually better than food served in public schools. Think about it, we're feeding our rapists and murderers better meals than our own children. We are basically sending prisoners to a private resort. A prisoner should not have these privileges. Prison is supposed to be a form of punishment, not a home away from home.

  • What?

    Just being locked up is not punishment enough. If the idea of being in prison is supposed to stop people from going into prison why do people repeatedly commit crimes when the finish there sentence. What happens in prisons should shock people out of being criminals and from that massively discourage people from committing crimes and being sent to prison. It's not supposed to be a holiday camp? Is it...?

  • I am a victim of domestic violence and I believe that inmates have way too many perks while incarcerated.

    I am a victim of domestic violence and I believe that inmates have way too many perks. They are there for a reason, and that is to be punished for their crime, not to be sent out like they are on a vacation. My husband left me for dead and now he is in jail awaiting his sentencing, but in the mean time playing the system. It's sickening. Anyone who commits a crime needs to be punished not babied.

  • People are sent to prison because they are being punished.

    If they objective of jail is to be ' recorrected' in the right direction, then they should not be able to be lounging around and getting the luxuries of someone who hasn't done anything wrong. They have done this to themselves, no one did it for them. They must learn that there are consequences for every action. Just like a child. If you are a parent and your child disobeys. You punish them. But if the punishment is to be sent to bed without supper, you don't let your child sit on the computer or watch TV. They are being punished. So why doesn't the "mother" of correctional facilities realize that they are not just supporting the prisoners laziness, they are using tax payers money to support the luxuries for people who have broken the law. There are people out in the world right now that can't even afford to buy food for their family, but your wanting them to pay taxes so that lawbreakers can sit on their butts and watch TV and browse the internet? I don't think so. Yes I agree people are human, but that is why they are in jail, because they made a mistake. If they didn't want to be punished they shouldn't have done the crime that got them put into prison.

  • Prisoners do not deserve to have the comforts of a person outside of prison.

    If you are in prison, you don't need the same advantages of a person outside of prison. Prisoners obviously did something bad enough to get in there, they don't need internet or cable. Internet could cause prisoners to be predators to young kids using the internet. They could also get escaping ideas and stuff from cable.

  • Yes,

    Prisoners deserved to be tortured and go mad.

  • They are treated too well

    Inmates murder, rape, and steal from people. Some molest children. Yet they have free healthcare, cable/satellite tv. Some prisons they have MP3 players. These inmates also throw bodily waste on staff or attack staff. People who feel sorry for these people haven't stepped foot inside a prison and have no clue how they act. Correctional Officers have less rights than the criminals. If an inmate verbally assaults a staff he gets a disciplinary report and a slap on the wrist. If a CO cusses at an inmate they face time off without pay. It's absurd.

  • It's sometimes better inside.

    When it gets to the point that the criminals are living a better life inside prison than outside, it's too much. If rapists, murderers, etc want to have TV or Internet, they better earn it through hard labor. They should at least generate more work than is used to cover their expenses.

  • They are still humans

    We're talking about some people who are going to be in jail for decades. They aren't hurting anybody by watching TV. I think that they don't deserve all their luxuries, but you can't lock them in a cell with a bucket and a blanket.

  • They are humans with rights

    My partner is in jail, he doesn't get theses luxuries he pays a pound a week for his tele and its smaller than an iPad screen he works as a wing cleaner to get his money and his rights, without it he would like all the other prisoners be so bored they start getting agitated and volatile! You really don't have any idea how hard prison life actually is unless your in the situation and living in a cell with a tiny tele plastic knifes and forks food that makes you ill a thin mattress and a blanket being told what days and times you can shower and have a sane convo with some one! Don't judge what you don't know there alone in a cell with no loved ones, no I want some crisps ill walk to the shop! People like you lot will turn offenders in to psychopaths! Get the full facts first!

  • No, just, no.

    I've been to a level two prison, which is medium security. We had no cable, no internet. What you saw on TV was 4 different channels, none of which were any good, and you could only hear them if you bought a portable radio for $50. We didn't have access to computers, let alone internet. You only ate good food when you had money for canteen, which was very limited. There were no programs for anyone to improve their life except to get a GED or WorkKeys card.
    We could get books, but they usually sucked unless you ordered your own, and you could only do that if you had family and friends who would send you money, because you couldn't earn it for working. Medical care sucks. One man got a hip replacement, and the doctor screwed it up and one of his legs was longer than the other, and SCDC refused to pay to have it fixed.
    We didn't get to go outside except for maybe once or twice a week. The only thing you had to do was sleep and play cards with your cellmate basically. Prison sucks.

  • No

    They're incarcerated, ie; away from their wife, kids, grandpa, mom, brother, sister, job, dog- society, period. it's hell! Every holiday is misery! they're locked up with guys that have no possibility of ever getting out, guys that will KILL you just as soon as accept an excuse me for stepping on their state issued boot. It's no summer camp people. take away all "luxuries" and what you have is sheer hell on earth. Hell on earth is not conducive to "rehabilitation". Let's not forget that people get released at some point... we want people to learn from their mistakes not become sociopathic animals. Grow up.

  • Doesn't Hurt

    1. Access to the internet is a right. This was agreed upon in the U.N. 2. Fines can pay for it. Who says taxes have to be involved? Just increase fines for all crimes slightly and use the money for stuff like internet in jails. 3. Internet can distract the prisoners from violence. 4. If prisoners hate jail, many of them will obviously feel like getting some revenge if they're released. Having internet can reduce that.

  • No

    They should still have this stuff they still are human beings. They were all born free and equal in dignity and rights. Being able to watch TV is not a right you can take away. Everyone deprived of liberty should still be treated with humanity and dignity. The human being should still be treated honorably.

  • They don't need punishment

    It's better for everyone if prisoners are being rehabilitated and not punished. I am sorry if it upsets someone that a prisoner is receiving a couple of luxuries. There are way too many people that are incarcerated in the United States and if we weren't so focused on punishing everyone, prisoners could actually learn to be contributing members of society. We can handle a few upset people that feel justice isn't being served so that prisoners spend less time in jail and more time bettering their lives.

  • Still Human

    Not everyone is in prison for murder or violence. They are still human beings. Some deserve to rot away but most of these people need help, not ignorance. When you have a problem, it needs to be confronted, not locked away for a while. Everyone in prison has a mother, a father, some sort of family or friends; their blood runs red same as yours and mine. Have a little respect for human life or you are no better than a murderer; it's as good as taking somebody's life away while they still breathe.


    Tax payers don't pay for cable or internet. The inmates basically are paying for it. There is a huge mark up at the canten(their store). The money that comes from that pays for cable, internet, books in the library, and other things like that. Come on people. know your facts before posting your opinion.

  • They deserve normal conditions

    No, I don't think that prisoners have too many comforts, because actually they have enough stress, they
    still deserve good conditions as they all humans. Some have been convicted unfair, but even if they had committed
    crimes, you don't know what incited them to do it, you don't know what they have been through to make the crimes they did.
    Many of them repent in the things they have done and nobody is beyond redemption. I think that most of these people
    should not be in prison, they need a help to overcome the experience they got once, that pushed them to make the
    things they are convicted for now.

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