• Yes rehabilitate !

    Anyone that goes to jail had to not know consequences, rehab, is a
    Gift! A second chance, and with that second chance, a last warning!
    One time chance! Two strikes your hung! Cause you didn't get the memo. We have so many servicemen on the streets living under bridges that fought for our Freedom and get nothing! House them give them a gym 3 Hots and a cot! People that are mentally deficient! Help
    Them. If our country would, help the needy, give consequences for
    Doing wrong people would be more respectful! Even if you don't believe in God, the ten Comandments , pretty much tells you to behave
    And it gave us backbone in the past!

  • Yes. How will they ever learn if not ever taught?

    Thats what prisons are meant for actually. Think about it, when one is sentenced (excluding life w/o parole or death sentences) they go back out once their sentence is done. Therefore, prisons need to be helping inmates to insure they have the correct skills and tools to lead a positive life and be a good citizen so they aren't likely to go out and re commit crimes.

    Unfortunately, when they are released, they go to look for a job and no wants to hire them because they have a record which then leads them to start doing the things that landed them in prison in the first place. If you ask majority of the people in prison their main motive for committing a crime is due to money. So it never helps to get out, and not be able to make money. That will put any in jail or prison at some point.

    So since the will be let out at some point, rehabilitation is KEY. Since those being let out could easily be your neighbors one day!

  • I strongly believe in this

    The goal of disciplining a child is not just to punish them for doing what is wrong but to teach them what is right.

    Criminal discipline is no different, many have problems which stop them from doing what is right but with help and support they can overcome this.

    Rehabilition will mean less reoffending and less crime so how can it be bad.

  • Prisons should focus more on rehabilitation.

    In order to be successful,prisons should focus more on rehabilitation.Prisons can be as harsh as they want to be but most prisoners will be released at some time.Once they are released they need a way to be productive within society so the best way to achieve this is to give them some kind of rehabilitation.

  • I believe prisons need to focus on rehabilitation more

    Prisons and other institutions that keep criminals locked up need to focus more money and time on rehabilitation and putting the prisoners back into society. The fact is that the prisoners ended up in prison for a reason, but they need help to get back on their feet and realize that they can be productive in society. There needs to be training and anger management classes, and much more.

  • Its a long time since Attica.

    Rehabilitation is a proven technique that reduces recidivism. Most criminals that come out of prison just to return shortly after could be prevented. Job training that equates to real world jobs like accounting, or data entry would help tremendously. A prisoner who only knows crime as a means to survive will return to it every opportunity. Provide them with an alternative and the results speak for themselves.

  • Yes, or else why bother releasing prisoners?

    I believe prisons need to have a rehabilitation program in place for any prisoners who do not have life sentences and will be returning to society. Yes, I agree we need to punish prisoners by incarcerating them - but we also need to try to keep them from becoming repeat offenders.

  • not at all

    No, i do not think that prisons do not need to focus more on rehabilitation. I think that they need to focus more on making life hard on the prisoners, so that they will feel sorry for what they did, and learn a lesson so that maybe they wont be back.

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kbub says2014-02-22T01:41:55.457
Heck yes.

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