• Plenty of Art Museums Get Private Support

    There are plenty of museums that get private support. There are galas and balls all around the country that serve as fundraisers for capital projects for these places. Concerts, plays, shows and symphonies get donors at events throughout the year in addition to endowment gifts. There are plenty of private donors for the arts around the world and we don't need government funding for arts projects.

  • Yes, private donors do enough funding of the arts

    Private donors do enough funding of the arts. Art is an important piece of our culture, but it should not garner the vast amounts of money that artists want. There are many other worthwhile projects that are very beneficial to the citizens of our country that need funding, such as research on diseases and improvements in education. Private donors should not be asked to do more funding of art.

  • They do amazing things.

    Yes, private donors do enough funding of the arts, because most of the arts are financed by private donors. A new arts theater in town is usually funded by private donors, both small and large. Arts scholarships are usually provided by wealthy retirees for young students. Private donors always step up to the plate for the future of art.

  • Yes they do.

    There are many people who privately fund the arts. We just don't hear of them that much. There are many people out there who make contributions of all kinds. They give money of course, and many of them even donate some of their own private collections to things like museums.

  • Overall they don't

    While I'm far from an active member of the art community, the impression I've been given is private donors are more interested in making sure what they want to see is available than making sure people have art available to them to appreciate. The money isn't spread around as much as one would think charitable money would be.

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