Do Private High Schools Provide an Advantage over public school kids?

  • Private High Schools Provide an Advantage over public school kids.

    Private schools can often provide better educational experiences to their students because they have more money and more resources. Also, private schools are more selective and their students are smarter to begin with. Students at private schools can learn from each other and benefit from the competitive atmosphere with other intelligent students.

  • Yes, some private schools provide a clear advantage with a more child-centered approach.

    Private schools that offer a child-centered approach that defies the cookie cutter mentality of the average public school offer a clear advantage over public schools. Children can learn at their own pace, focus on their own skills and interests and emerge from their learning experience capable, critical thinkers who are ready for a career.

  • Private Schools Are An Advantage

    While most parents cannot afford private school for their children, the private schools offer an advantage in the teacher to pupil ratio so that the students receive more personal attention. There is also more flexibility in the choice of textbooks and options for elective classes. Public schools these days tend to have a large student population and the student loses that feeling of belonging or can feel left out. I think it is important that a high school student have an opportunity to shine and feel welcome and safe in the school environment.

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