Do private schools and public schools offer similar levels of education?

  • Yes, they offer similar education levels.

    Although individual schools and districts vary, private and public schools use similar teaching methods, textbooks, tests and grading systems. Therefore, they offer roughly the same level of education. Private schools often offer smaller classroom sizes and other benefits such as religious teachings, but this does not directly affect the educational quality of the schools.

  • Private schools offer a higher level of education.

    Private schools are well known for providing a far higher education than public schools. First of all, the class sizes are much smaller; therefore, teachers give their students far greater attention than public schools. Students must meet certain standardized testing that is generally considered quite difficult in order to gain acceptance to private schools. .

  • No, private and public schools do not offer similar levels of education.

    Although there are exceptions to every rule, overall private schools typically offer a higher level of education than do their public counterparts. The primary reason this is the case rests in the reality that public schools generally find themselves facing significant budgetary constraints and limitations that negatively impacts the quality of education these schools are able to provide.

  • No, private schools have little accountability for their quality of education.

    No, private schools do not offer the same level of education as public schools because private schools have few accountability measures to gauge whether students are learning what they need to know. Public schools have standardized tests as well as government oversight to ensure that teachers thoroughly cover a particular subject.

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