• The debt the country has

    The country is in a lot of debt and if every pro athlete would cut back on there paycheck by a little they would be able to pay off the debt in no time.The only problem is is that the players wouldn't want to do that cause they are money hungry and then they buy the most expensive things and they just pay it off and have little to spend.

  • Yes, they are.

    Professional athletes are paid a little too much. That is not to say they do not deserve to be paid well, if not better than most people, but most are paid more money than they have anything to do with. That gets to be a little silly. People should be paid according to how hard they work.

  • Professional athletes are overpaid

    What can they possibly do with all that money? They shouldn't be paid millions of dollars a season just to play a game. There should be a cap on their pay, perhaps 100,000 would be good. I understand they provide entertainment, but what need is there for so many fancy cars, and lavish clothes and furniture? Pay them their worth.

  • Professional athletes pay should be determined by the profitability of their seats, rather then their seat prices being determined by their pay.

    I am all for people who bring in large profits to their profession being compensated well for it, but when the cost of their inflated paychecks results in inflated seat prices then they are being paid too much. They are talent but they also provide and a service. That service should not dictate that they get paid as much as humanly possible and we foot the entire bill for their lavish lifestyles. In an age were the average persons income ranges form 30,000 to 100,000 a year we do not need to watch people fight over 10 million a season.

  • Way too over paid

    Doctor save peoples lives, same as fire men and policemen, and they don't get paid even half as much as professional athletes! Athletes are entertainers! Normal citizens are struggling to pay their bills working their butt off at work. All professional athletes do is kick and throw a ball around!

  • Military v.S. Athletes

    The government gives millions of dollars to pro athletes when all their job is for entertainment, the government should be givving millions to fighting soldiers in the military, that risk their lives trying to protect the country we live in, and people don't seem to notice this problem, and it is a problem that should be fixed, it is very unfair. I am an American solider in the U.S. Marines I have been a Marine for 5 years now, and I have seen pro athletes belonging to a sport for 1 single year and making more money than I have in 5 years. I love watching sported I just can't stand the fact that some athletes that sit on a bench all day are making more money than they should be.

  • Debt, Hunger and Poverty

    The country is in debt. Because we have to pay people $25,000,000 to kick or throw a ball around, and theres hundreds of them, it could be anywhere around $100,000,000,000. The country could pay off three debts more than what we owe. We pay $300 for a name on a pair of shoes. Why? The name. People in the country can barely afford food. People wonder why America is a terrorism target. People wonder why America owes so much money. These athletes are why. We can change this, or stay in debt forever.

  • Absolutely too much. Especially if its just for playing football.

    Why is my 35 year old cousin on the edge of losing her job as an elemntary school teacher? I'm against paid sports entirely. What are you doing for the world? Soldiers (arguably) fight for our freedom. Teachers educate our kids. Doctors and Nurses help the sick. Even CEO's (even though most are paid too much as well) run industries. NFL football players...Can kick 100 feet? Yay you?

  • Yes, professional athletes get paid too much.

    Yes, I think there is evidence seen through the enormous contracts being signed nowadays by athletes that would suggest that they get paid too much. Athletes are signed to unprecedented contracts worth millions of dollars just to play a sport, and I think that there should be a cap on how much any athlete can get paid just to play a sport.

  • Paid to much

    Everyone can entertain people like comedians. If you what to watch a sport go to a school to watch the sport some times they are free. People who do sports in school are to entertain people but they don't get paid. If famous athletes do get paid they should be paid the same amount.

  • They are not paid too much

    Yes, they provide entertainment to society. We've all heard that before but I think it often gets overlooked. In a way, sports retains the sanity of the people. Sometimes local sports teams are all people have. Sports provide an outlet for people and makes them feel part of something bigger than themselves. Also, you have to realize that these athletes are the absolute best at what they do in the entire world. They are a select group of elite athletes and I believe deserve their current salaries.

  • They get paid to much

    I believe that the athletes are getting paid to much because all the money they have go to selfish things. Most of the money they have could go to people who are suffering or need help in life. I understand that if you get injured that you need the money to recover but other times forget it.

  • They don't get paid much

    Sure they get paid probably more than the president but they go through all these things to get to where they are now. In reality they deserve that money. They may be cocky a**holes, but they got that talent for a reason and they are good at it, not to mention that millions of people enjoy to love sports. They get paid a fine amount, and imagine the family, they hardly get to see so the family needs a distraction.

  • No they are not!

    Athletes are the best in there field. Like doctors, actors and lawyers, the better you are, the higher you get paid. And plus, even if they didn't get paid as much, the money would go to the owners of there club and the owners of the companies they promote, no to the people, the government and you guys!

  • They don't get paid to much

    They deserve all of the money that they get because they have to get through the injuries and they work their butts off to get where they re now. They have to stay in shape, eat healthy, and work as a team, and a lot of people find that hard to do. That is why I believe that they re not paid too much.

  • They do not get paid to much

    Most of the people who are complaining that they get paid to much are some of the people who buy the shirts, shoes, bags. etc. that bring in more income for the players. The players have to go places around the world to do what they do so they have to pay for it somehow. People who are saying that they make to much need to go try to do what the pros do and then see if they are still saying that! Its hard work!

  • Think about their bills

    They need their bills to be paid no one else is going to pay them. Many people think that they are, but they aren't. Not many people may know that they do have families (sarcastic) but they also need to pay for food and injures! What about vacations they need to have some time off. Don't get me started on equipment! (;

  • They Do NOT!

    I think they don't get paid enough. They are the best. They should be getting paid 10x more than their getting now. Then people to wear their names, buy their gear, become role-models, and finally they have to deal with publicity nonstop. Almost all of them have a charity too.

  • Not paid too much at all, C

    I don't believe in being paid too much . A persons pay rate is usually based on what they have the leverage to negotiate. Athletes make that much because that is what they are worth to the company that they work for. Same thing goes for the people who work at places like Microsoft or Google. These people are at the top of their craft, working for high end companies who make billions of dollars. Of course the employees are going to make more than say a teacher, fireman , or police officer. Not to say that athletes are more essential to society, because they are not. But they are more essential to the bottom line of the company that they work for.

  • They're paid what they are paid.

    This is not communist Russia. This is the American private sector where YOU the consumer decide what they are paid. They are effectively entertainers like Beyonce, and as long as the American public continues to buy 70,000 tickets a game at 150 dollars a pop and watch on television in the millions, their paychecks will continue to rise. If YOU the consumer decide to stop supporting this, their paychecks will go down dramatically. YOU, the American consumer decide what they are paid.

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Anonymous says2013-05-07T15:27:53.117
Yesss they get paid way too much
Anonymous says2013-05-23T12:30:52.260
Yes they get paid too much this money could be going to people who risk their lives for us