• Of course they have stable minds

    In fact, athletes may actually have stronger minds then the average person, as physical exertion increases blood flow to the brain, and with it, more oxygen and carbohydrates.
    The fact is, any notion that professional athletes are unstable is our fault. Consider; the only athletes that we really 'know' are those that are the most talented, the most idolized, the most featured in the media. Most of these athletes were consistently dominant in their sports throughout their high school and collegiate careers. Because of this, they likely receive lighter educational workloads and more privileges that place the emphasis on winning rather than learning.
    The problem, then, isn't stability, its education- and we willingly allow our gifted hometown athletes to cruise through a life of instability that we create for them.

  • Either answer is overgeneralizing

    Neither yes or no is a good answer, but I'm answering yes since it's meaner to broadbrush a whole group of people as not having stable minds than it is to broadbrush them all as having stable minds.

    No two individuals are the same. Being or not being a professional athlete does not guarantee a person will have or will not have a stable mind.

  • Professional athletes have stable minds.

    Yes, Professional athletes need to have stable minds in order to prepare themselves for competition. If a person's mind is unbalanced they would generally not be capable of following the nutritional and exercise regimens necessary to be competitive in athletics. People with unstable minds are not able to follow these schedules without outside support and supervision.

  • Professional athletes are very hard-working, driven individuals

    I absolutely think that professional athletes have stable minds. In order to train and compete at the level that they do, it is essential that they have a strong mindset and are very driven and goal-oriented. They are also often provided with a great deal of support from professionals like sports psychologists to keep them focused and at the top of their mental game while pursuing their physical gain.

  • They are capable.

    I believe anyone could be prone to having an unstable mind regardless of the profession. However, some professional athletes are worshiped as if they were super human. This blind adoration can give them a superiority complex and make them feel they are on a pedestal. All this leads to a narcissistic behavior and this will manifest in an unstable thought process.

  • Sometimes I wonder.

    The same can be said for most other celebrities but sometimes I get the feeling that these athletes have been hit in the head one too many times because some of the stuff that comes out of their mouths are unbelievable. Also some of the things they do are unacceptable. So it does beg the question, are these individuals stable.

  • No, many professional athletes do not have stable minds.

    Many professional athletes are dealing with insane amounts of pressure. They are paid large sums of money for their skill, which is all dependent upon taking care of their bodies. If they suffer an injury, it could take them out of the game for a season or possibly for life. Additionally, the money enables these athletes to lead extravagant lives that can often get them into trouble. Gambling, drinking, and drugs are all frequent vices for many professional athletes. Digging themselves a financial hole can cause even more pressure for these athletes. All of these factors can weigh on an athlete, and cause serious pressure than can affect the player's judgement and cause them to behave erratically.

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