Do professional athletes, musicians, and actors get paid too much?

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  • Yes - Actors, Athletes, and especially musicians are paid way too much

    Most songs, as well as most movies are quite forgettable. But the reality is that talent and skill never had anything to do with entertainment. How much money you make for the producers is what counts. Even if Niki Minaj sucked, which I am told she does, she generates millions, if not billions from morons who actually listen to her. All this while she disgraces black people. I went to one of her concerts because my niece wanted to go. The front row was white business men, who probably paid a fortune to sit up close and go "Oh my god, look at that girl's butt!" Athletes appeal to moronic values, back to a time when people liked gladiator shows.

  • Yes, they do.

    JaMarcus Russell was one of the biggest NFL wash-ups in history. He signed a 6-year, $68 million dollar contract in 2007, with a $31 million signing bonus. He was then released from the raiders in 2010. Meanwhile the average salary of a marine is $76,200. Pretty unfair, right? Marines are considered athletes. Their preparation for combat is not unlike a professional athletes training for his or her sport. Jason Segel makes $225,000 per episode(How I Met Your Mother) playing a judge in NYC. That's $5.5 million a year! The average judge in NYC makes $175,000 a year. That's a big difference, especially when the real judge goes to college for their career, and works their way up, and all he has to do is play the character on a tv show for entertainment.

  • Celebrities and Athletes are Paid Far too Much!

    While I understand that they are simply taking their cut for the Big Machine, their "cut" is significantly more than the typical hardworking individual who struggles to make ends meet and raise families. But celebrities and athletes are not alone - CEOs, CFOs and E, I, E, I O's make ridiculous annual incomes. All while the middle class continues to lose ground. Maybe the middle class should exercise their clout, because oh boy, do they have clout!!

  • Yes they do get paid too much

    With the money one professional football player makes in one year the U.S. could feed a small country and still have extra for new clothes.I agree with the rest of the 73% of people that say that professional athletes, musicians, and actors get paid way too much. It is very disappointing and unfair.

  • They dont really do nothing

    They release a song every now and then. Or make a movie after doing nothing or run a ball down a feild. While armymen police and doctors save lives daily. But they dont get the royals of a entertainer.They also get praised do doing nothing special but support bad things like murder or use of drugs. Thats why I think they get paid to much.

  • Let's be REAL it's Ridiculous!!

    I use to think its the chosen few, NOT, actors being discovered for Reality TV, really, people with crazy lives before they get the money, CMON. Athletes who have given time on the College venue, sure but talent no brains, skipped through because he or she is the best at a small school or the best at a large University...Ok... Give them the contract, but Millions when they haven't proved themselves. The masses yes pay for this, networks pay Millions but, is this why we're in a Deficit because these people don't pay TAXES for all this $$ being spent on a 5minute execution of a line or moment in sport. The owners of sport venues don't pay half of the taxes that the $$ brought in, the Production Companies don't either... So why does the common man or women who does have a skill set ...So miserable...It's NOT HATING ...It's called THE GAME...

  • Money Money Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They make millions of dollars and they just waste all there money on useless things. Then they start to do stupid things like murdering or drink driving. The cops catch them and they are in jail. Also they do not deserve it, the army and marines deserve all this money for serving our country.

  • Too much money!!!!!

    We have more important people in the world like cops or doctors and they are paid nothing near the amount actors and athletes get paid a year. I agree they do get paid too much. I hear for a movie actors get paid up to $16 million. Athletes get paid billions a year!!!! This is just too much money for unimportant people. All they do is entertain us!!!

  • Depends on the miscian

    Musicians are touring sometimes for year strait playing all around the world. We get jet leg from going from say new your to LA imaging going from eroupe to North America to South America. And in reality it's the producers and record owners (David geffin) that dosent do any of the work and gets between 20-40% or the royalties.

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  • They don't get paid to much!!!!!!1

    Because they make their team triple or double what they make in a year because LeBron James makes around 23.5 million a year and makes the cav's half a million dollars. And they either give most of it away or they use it for a good cause either to support a family or to buy a house to live in. Or some clothes to wear or some shoes to wear. Or a car you can drive so you can get from place o place. ;)

  • It's basic economics. Supply and Demand.

    It has nothing to do with their value to society and everything to do with what kind of profits they can generate. Firemen are amazing people but fire departments don't make a large amount of money and, no offense intended, firemen are more replaceable to a fire department than a big name actor is to a film producer. It's all supply and demand. Actors are semi-irreplaceable to to an industry that is phenomenally profitable. Therefore they will make a lot of money. That's just they way it works. Wages have never, nor will they ever, be in alignment with a person's moral character.

  • Athletes and Musicians, no

    Athletes. Most train hard and potential loss of future income due to injury is exacerbated in professional sports. Plus, if any such injury does occur, it could mean a lifetime of medical expenses for them.

    Musicians: Those who write their own music and lyrics no. These people created something which consumers are willing to pay for where they may receive a lifetime of enjoyment from their products. Those who just ride on the coattails of others who write the music and lyrics yes. They are just exploiting the talent of others who do all the work and have the talent, but are just collecting high paychecks by doing nothing other than singing someone else's song.

  • No, they make what they're worth.

    No, professional athletes, musicians and actors do not get paid too much, because they are worth what someone will pay them. Professional athlets, musicians, and actors have highly specialized and rare skills. Teaching is important, but a lot of people can do it well. The very best athletes and performers are so rare that they deserve the higher pay.

  • Sad, but true.

    I do think athletes, musicians, and actors are paid a bit too much for what they do. I am at knocking their careers by any means; however, I feel sometimes money is really all it may come down to for certain celebrities, which is never a good way to go about it.

  • Its a profession

    Any business brings in the money they do regardless of where they pay it. All three of these professions take very hard work to achieve and they get paid based on their performance. If they sucked at what they did they would not get paid as much. A huge number of these people do charity work with a lot of their money too. Its safe to say a lot of hard working jobs pay too little because corporations are greedy, but entertainers do not choose their amount of pay, they can only choose the field their in, and everybody knows what kind of pay their looking at when they choose that field.

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